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The School of Business requires all business students to gain hands-on experience in the fields they wish to enter. We offer several mechanisms for students to gain real-world experience including:

  1. Informational Interviews: Students meet with a professional in their field of interest and over the course of an hour-long structured interview learn both about the field and about what they will need to do while at Ithaca College to effectively prepare to enter that profession.
  2. Field Immersion: AllStudents enrolled as of Fall 2012 are required to complete a 30 hours on-site job-shadowing experience in their field of interest. Students can complete this requirement, which is intended to prepare a student for a more in-depth internship experience, as early as the second semester of their freshmen year.
  3. Field Experience: Business Administration students enrolled prior to Fall 2012 are required to complete 35 hours of on-site experience after completing their sophomore year. Many students commit to a more in-depth internship experience to meet this requirement.
  4. Internships: Students can earn between 1-6 credits (students must complete 55 hours of on-site experience per credit). Depending on whether the student chooses to complete a 300-level internship or a 400-level internship, the internship will be overseen either by the Professional Development Coordinator or a faculty member.

These experiences are a valuable part of the Ithaca College experience and we would like to make sure every student is given the opportunity to advance their skills.

The School of Business works closely with businesses to meet the needs and expectations of current employers in the ever-changing workforce. In creating new partnerships as well as maintaining existing ones, we are able to supply a well-rounded and competent workforce for current employers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Ithaca College School of Business at or 607-274-3680.

For information on the New York State Minimum Wage Act concerning interns, please view a resource document here.

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