2013 Oracle Honor Society Inductees Recognized

The Oracle Honor Society Inducted 158 New Members on Monday, November 4, 2013.

Founded at Ithaca College in 1928, the Oracle Honor Society’s membership includes the top 10% of students in each school after their first full academic year. Oracle is founded upon the symbol of the star. The five points represent the attributes of excellence for which members of Oracle aspire: Scholarship, Leadership, Loyalty, Service, and Character. The laurel wreath around the star represents the achievements of Oracle members. The wall represents the courage and fortitude shown in order to achieve the ideals of the society, and the light is a beacon for Oracle members in the future. The olive branch is the emblem of peace - the talisman for all Oracle members.

2013 Oracle Honor Society Inductees

School of Business
Brittany Asito, Zul Batnasan, Susan Brancaccio, Jamila Carter, Elise Edmonds, Zander Hoke, Natasha Kirabo, Feng Lin, Simos Mandros, Ryan McGuinness, Ndue Palushi, Patrick Patnode, Nicolai Roland-Chicvara, Zane Shephard, Elise Steele, Alexander Wallace

Roy H. Park School of Communications
Jessica Afrin, Isabel Balla, Emma Behrens, Alec Belmore, Anne Bongermino, Christopher Brown, Alexander Cammy, Abigail Eichorn, Taylor Flynn, Nicole Godreau, Megan Goldberg, Kristen Gowdy, Samantha Guter, Sara Harmon, Daniel Hughes, Rebecca Long, Tyler Manning, Emily Masters, Brenden McKim, Micaela Metz, Elizabeth Morris, Nora Noone, Spencer Pereira, Jason Potel, Dominick Recckio, Renee Schweizer, Hannah Sellers, Anna Sernau, Erica Steinhoff, Megan Zart

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance
Lindsey Adelstein, Rachel Altman, Amanda Aussems, Joseph Bello, Lauren Cox, Kelly Cusick, Megan Davis, Sonia DelBusso, Guthrie Drake, Ann DuChene, Jamie Farrell, Ashley Gannon, Victoria Harrison, Julie Hauberg, Julia Kuhlberg, Michelle LiTrenta, Allison McWeeney, Shealyn Misiewicz, Stephanie Nelson, Elaine Owen, Emily Quinn, Katherine Rice, Miriam Rosenthal, Maximilian Rottenecker, Molly Ruffo, Rachelle Sartori, Kelsey Schmidt, Laurel Shnider, Kerryn St. Andre, Meredith Wells, Jaime White, Stephen Yanchus, Jennifer Zehner

School of Humanities & Sciences
Alison Armour, Holly Athas, Brian Belvin, Gianna Boccanfuso, Megan Cackett, Julia Castle, Emily Conklin, Linda Crandall, Heather Crespin, Nicole Dardano, Elizabeth Dellea, Iancu Dima, Emma Duncan, Gina Echevarria, Michael Falconieri, Lisa Famularo, Colleen Feeney, Kelsey Fons, Madeline Gerbig, Thomas Goulet, Caleb Grant, Angela Griggs, Benjamin    Grove, Victoria Hathaway, Eli Hayes, Andrew Hinkley, Sawyer Hitchcock, Gretchen Hohmeyer, Rachael Holcomb, Erin Jessee, Rebecca Kaebnick, Michelle Kaufman, Megan Kelleher, Danica Kelley, Hannah Kelley, Colleen Kimball, Gregory LaPierre, Devin Larsen, Tess Le Moing, Samuel Lloyd, Kathryn Long, Menli McCreight, Aimee McManus, Attila Mendli, Madeleine Menges, Lia Munoz,Michelle Myette, Olivia Powers, Robert Praderio, Taylor Reeves, Sabrina Resnick, Michael Rizk, Michael Saccento, Kelly Sadwin, Sam Schloegel, Emily Sherman, Haley Small, Alexandra Szotka,Sean Themea, Matilda Thornton-Clark, Benjamin Tolles, Carissa Tom, Evan Van de Wall, Theodora Weatherby, Jill Weidman, Megan Wirth

School of Music
Hannah Abrams, Paul Carter, Chutikan Chaikittiwatana, Wei En Chan, Christina Christiansen, Kaitlyn DeHority, Kimberly Dyckman, Stephen Gomez, Mattina Keith, Flora Kielland, Austin Savage, Gregory Sisco, Cara Turnbull

Special thanks goes to this years Oracle Executive Board Coordinators: Michelle Ammirati, Jordan Darkow, Julia Hall, Meredith Harris, Chelsea Osterweil, Elisa Rodriguez, Nikole Jasinski, Myriah LaTourette, Brenna Merry, Sarah Monteleone, and Darcy Ray.

Thanks also to the Student Leadership Consultants from the Office of Student Engagement and Multicultural Affairs for their work during the event: Katelyn Gualtieri, Jordana Jarrett, Aaron Lipford, Emily Massaro, Michela Moe, and Heléna Murphy.

Pictures from this year’s program are available on the Oracle website.


Originally published in Intercom: 2013 Oracle Honor Society Inductees Recognized.

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