Accounting Students Attend National Conference

Ithaca College’s chapter of The National Association of Black Accountants (NABA) traveled to Bethesda, Maryland from October 10th – 14th to participate in the 2013 Annual Eastern Region Student Conference. The conference included two and one-half days of workshops, seminars and interview sessions that were all designed to better prepare minority students for careers in accounting and finance. The workshops and seminars aimed to develop students’ professional development skills through topics such as preparing for the CPA exam, financial planning, personal branding and careers in accounting and finance.  Attendees were also challenged to further develop their leadership skills, share their goals and objectives, participate in challenging seminars and exhibit organizational and planning skills.

This year, 19 students from IC NABA attended the conference. Participants included Lenny Brown, Ameilia Teape, Mohamed Barry, Sade Jones, Daouda Drame, Karimah White, Denisha Freeman, Melissa Cespeda, Kristen Brown, Luis Naupari, Nilshika Weerasinghe, Natasha Karibo, Fiyinfoluwa Adeyemo, Yanilsa Frias, Marcos Araujo, Leslie Ortiz, Vanesa Frias, Cathilee Andrews and Jihan Moumou.

For Senior Accounting major and President of IC NABA, Lenny Brown, the conference served not only as a learning experience but also as an opportunity to network with potential employers.

“The main thing that I took away from the conference is that networking is the most important skill that you can possess in the business world. It is not enough to just have a stellar GPA and extracurricular activities on your resume,” Brown says. “The Eastern Region Student Conference is a great platform to establish these connections because you are surrounded by professionals at top companies and students from colleges and universities throughout the east coast.”

Brown went on to describe the conference as a motivational experience.

“You have the opportunity to meet important people within the profession and that experience really motivates you to strive for more academically,” Brown says.

Through the conference, several IC NABA members even secured interviews with Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG and Ernst & Young. Embodying their motto "Lifting As We Climb", there is no doubt that the students of IC NABA will continue to climb to the top.








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