Ithaca College Business Students Win Green & Seifter Jeopardy Challenge

ITHACA, NY—For the fourth time in six years, students from the Ithaca College School of Business won the Green & Seifter Annual Accounting Jeopardy Challenge. Held in February at Syracuse’s Le Moyne College, this year’s competition featured teams from Ithaca, Le Moyne, and St. John Fisher Colleges as well as SUNY College at Oswego. Eight students from each institution participated in two four-person teams.
“The Challenge uses an answer-and-question format based on the television show Jeopardy,” said Patricia Libby, associate professor of business accounting and, with Joanne Burress, coadvisor of the challenge team. “But instead of single contestants, it’s four-person teams trying to be the first to give the right information in the form of a question in the categories of accounting and trivia. Each team has access to one buzzer, so the trick is to not only know the information but also to develop strategies on who should hit the buzzer and when.”
To sharpen their skills, the participating Ithaca College students spent Sunday afternoons practicing strategies, reviewing current events, and poring through tax, auditing and other business texts. Two other students also prepared a PowerPoint demonstration, which was presented to the audience attending the competition.
“The Challenge was started six years ago as a recruiting opportunity for both Green & Seifter and the participating colleges,” said Joanne Burress, associate professor of business accounting. “This year, there were about 200 people in the audience, most of them parents, accounting professionals, and high school students. Our students said they enjoyed the experience because it gave them a chance to take material out of the classroom and show people what they’ve learned. Accounting’s more fun than people think it is.”
Members of the Ithaca College School of Business team were Adrian Guenther, Josh Zelkind, Doreen Mashu, Tendai Masaya, Erik Daisey, Kalina Dimitrova, Dan Perkins and Brian Fitz-Gerald.
Alternate: Mine Kemahlioglu
Practiced but didn’t attend: Kristi Kalreiss.
PowerPoint presenters: Tim Carey and Megan Hargett.

Originally published in News Releases: Ithaca College Business Students Win Green & Seifter Jeopardy Challenge.

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