Campaign Gift: $120,000 Business Scholarship

Dan Branch ’87 is a founder and chief financial officer of Horizon Medical Group Inc., a company that operates 40 diagnostic centers in four states (Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia.) He believes the social skills he gained at Ithaca College were as important to his current business success as the education he received.

“The best part of Ithaca was the social skills I gained there that helped me succeed in life. I was prepared accounting-wise to handle what was thrown my way because of the education I received, but it was the social part that made a huge difference.

“My first year at Ithaca, I lived in a triple occupancy, and my senior year, two of my three roommates were roommates from freshman year. And we still talk to this day.”

Dan also met his wife, Karen ’88 at Ithaca. “Karen was one year behind me and we knew each other for three years before we started dating during the second half of my senior year.”

Dan and Karen have made a $120,000 commitment to the Daniel J. ’87 and Karen Heiligman Branch ’88 Business Scholarship, which will be awarded to outstanding business students with demonstrated financial need. “My parents paid for my total education plus spending money, so I did not have to work during my four years at Ithaca, but I know that that is unrealistic for everyone,” Dan said. “We now have the ability to help out students less fortunate that I was, so we started the scholarship.”

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Originally published in Campaign for Ithaca College: Campaign Gift: $120,000 Business Scholarship.

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