Center for Print Production

Bulk Mail


  • Contact the Center for Print Production at 4-3998
  • Fill out a Bulk Mail Request Form, (BKM), available from the Center for Print Production.  Scan and email to or mail to bulkmail.
  • If you currently receive mailing labels from an outside source, have this information sent as an electronic file to yourself or to or placed in our Mentor shared folder: Mentor_Shared_CtrPrintProd_Files for Print Media_Campus
  • Refer to the number in the top right corner of the BKM.
  • All envelopes with address labels will be charged full first class postage for these, as our equipment cannot automate for USPS discounts.
  • When you send the address file electronically, software verifies the accuracy of the address, sprays a zip+ 4 bar code and sorts it for highest discount with the USPS.
  • A non-profit standard mailing, properly prepared, can be sent for as little as .15/piece.
  • An automated first class mailing, properly prepared, can be sent for as little as .34/piece.


  • Inserting up to 5 pieces into #9 or #10 envelopes. 
  • Inkjet addresses, bar-codes, optional endorsements and sorting by zip code sequence.
  • Verifying your mailing list for Delivery Point Validation (DPV) before it needs to be sent.
  • Verifying addresses for MOVE updates