USPS Customs Directions

USPS Aviation Security Requires filing and printing an online Customs Form on International mail that is not a document.

The Phillips Hall Post Office cannot accept handwritten customs forms because our system does not allow us to manually input the detailed information, unlike the Downtown or Warren Rd offices.

How to Prepare an Online Customs Form. Use the following link Or go to>send mail>Prepare International Mail>Customs form on the left sidebar>Get started

  1. Type in your information in the sender fields; name, Ithaca College, 953 Danby Rd or 1033 Danby Rd, or home address, City, State and Zip code and your office or cell phone number.
  2. Recipient Information; country, name, address. All fields with an asterisk must be filled in. If it is a postal code aware country you will need that information. If known, fill in the email and/or phone number.
  3. Package Details. Exact weight of the package and total value of all contents. (you can have your item weighed at the Phillips Hall Post Office and you should write these numbers down).
  4. Click on “next- select a service”
  5. If the package is under 4 pounds select the First Class International button.
  6. Select the package option by clicking to hi-light it and then click on “next, Enter Customs Information” at the bottom right of the page.
  7. In contents, click on the drop down menu arrow and select your contents description. You can leave the next three non-asterisk fields blank.
  8. In the “Detailed Description” enter the contents of your package ex; DVD, candy, scarf. Be specific. Generic descriptions are not permitted on international, APO or FPO mail.
  9. You may enter up to 4 items, their value, quantity and weight. Each item must be added individually by filling in the description, quantity and weight and clicking add item. The form will calculate the total value which must equal what you declared on the previous page. (why that scrap paper with the numbers may be helpful) The weight must not be more than what you declared on the previous page but does not have to equal it since the container you ship items in adds to the weight of the package.
  10. Choose an AES Exemption; select NOEE 1 30.37a if under $2500 value or NOEE 1 30.37h for packages going to Canada.
  11. Read through the Restrictions and Prohibitions for the country to ensure you are not shipping items listed in this section.
  12. Select; Next “Review Print”
  13. Review the listed information and select print at the bottom of the form.
  14. Bring the forms and your package to the Phillips Hall Post Office for personal items. You will be asked to sign and date the form. Loosely tape the forms to the package for College business mail shipped through the Mail Center.
  15. Call 607-274-3371 with questions.