WebCRD Tip: The Importance of Using the SurePDF Driver

We have encountered PDF documents that print incorrectly with fonts and sizes that are substituted or resized from the original document. This occurs when a PDF is attached after logging in to WebCRD. In these cases, the fonts are not embedded in the PDF document that has been attached but the preview will look fine. The best way to ensure that your documents print correctly is to only submit using the SurePDF driver.

Instructions for Using the SurePDF Driver:

Download the SurePDF Driver Here.
Do not login to WebCRD.
Open your document, then click print and select IC Printer for Print Production and print.
It will flatten your document and embed the correct fonts and take you to the WebCRD login page.
Login in to WebCRD.
The document will be in your cart.
Select the correct printing options, etc.

An alternative, suggested by the software company, is to configure Word to embed the fonts. Here is a link to a short YouTube video which shows how to do so in Word 2010:

Please contact us with questions at 4-3998, 4-5702 or 4-1262

Originally published in Intercom: WebCRD Tip: The Importance of Using the SurePDF Driver