Student Recognition

The Campus Center Office awards the Campus Center Resiliency Award and Campus Center Scholarship each spring to a select group of our student employees. This year, we are awarding two resiliency awards and three scholarships to students among our almost 60-student staff team. We would also like to recognize our 24 graduating student employees!

Campus Center Resiliency Award

This award recognizes one staff member and one manager who exemplify one or more of the following characteristics: remains calm under stress, handles challenges with grace, and maintains a positive attitude in a difficult situation.

Campus Center Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes a select group of Campus Center employees who through their work efforts at the Campus Center Office make positive contributions to the quality of life of Ithaca College, demonstrate financial need, and excel in the classroom.

Congratulations Graduates!

The Campus Center Office has 24 student employees graduating this spring (a few of whom will continue working as graduate students). Thank you for all your hard work over the years! We appreciate all you have done and cannot wait to see what you do next!


  • Adam French – Best at Coming to Setups Just in Time
  • Annis Bell – Most Thoughtful Speaker
  • Elisabeth Grossman – Most Crafty
  • Emily Horne – Most Likely to Be the Life of the Party at Setups
  • Emma Schaefer – Shortest but Mightiest
  • Eryn Williams – Most Likely to Make You Laugh
  • Gabe Wiersma – Best “Dad Energy”
  • Julia Schmidt – Most Likely to Be Calm, Cool, and Collected
  • Lexi Burian – Sweet Chili Sauce Queen
  • Libby Ryan – Most Reliable
  • Lucy Hemingway – Most Likely to Come to the Rescue
  • Markiesha Morgan – Best at Brightening Everyone’s Day
  • Meghan Olenyk – Most Likely to Give ‘em the Pickle
  • Natalie Dispoto – Biggest Smile
  • Natalie Jetter – Campus Center Sweetheart
  • Olivia Gellar – Best Advice-Giver
  • Olivia Levin – CC Social Butterfly
  • Pearl Outlaw – Most Likely to Go for the Gold
  • Preston Arment – Most Optimistic
  • Reny Hoffman – Most Down to Earth
  • Sierra Morabito – Best Customer Service Voice
  • Taryn Israel – Ice Cream Vendor
  • Thomas Conti – Clean Machine
  • Urja Bhatia – Best Information Sleuth