Alexa Bastardi

Campus Center Scholarship Winner

Alexa is completing her fourth semester as a Campus Center Operations staff member.  She shared the following about her contributions to the staff this semester: "I looked into Covid-19 vaccine eligibility out of genuine curiosity in hopes that our staff would be eligible in some way. To my surprise, public-facing food pantry workers were included on the eligibility list, so I knew this was not an opportunity to pass up on. After reaching out to Sybil and Jess about this possibility, I and the rest of the staff received a letter from Human Resources that gave us permission to get the Covid-19 vaccine. This was a significant contribution to the Campus Center operation since I believe that it lifted a weight off of everyone's back. For me and my fellow staff members, we felt a sense of relief knowing that we might not have to worry about getting exposed as much we originally did. I am very proud of this contribution, since it was able to give everyone a chance of being safer in these unique times." Thank you for all your hard work, Alexa - we look forward to continuing to experience your practical contributions to the Campus Center Office.  Congratulations on your scholarship!