Brianna Poole

Campus Center Scholarship Winner

Brianna (Bri) has worked for the Campus Center Office for three semesters as a Campus Center Operations staff member.  She shared the following about how she has become a peer leader on staff: "I now feel confident about my knowledge of all the in and out of the job. I am still a member of the staff but have worked as long or longer than some of the current managers. I think that this makes me a helpful resource for the new staff this year and incoming new staff. They may be able to see me like a peer rather than a superior. I have found that I am able to help out and take on many responsibilities when the managers need it, especially on setups. They can trust me on many tasks as I have the experience of three semesters under my belt. I am able to answer questions that the new staff members/shadows have and show them how to complete tasks in the most efficient manner. In general, I made a goal to commit myself to this job, being flexible, available, and always bringing a good attitude while doing it."  Thank you for all your hard work, Bri - we look forward to continuing to witness your peer leadership with the Campus Center Office.  Congratulations on your scholarship!