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Graduate Catalog 2005-2006

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Ithaca College Graduate Catalog 2004-2005

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Academic Standing and Eligibility

For the purposes of determining a student's eligibility for certain state and federal financial assistance, good academic standing is defined in terms of program pursuit and satisfactory academic progress.

Program pursuit -- To remain in good academic standing from the standpoint of program pursuit, a student must receive passing, failing, or incomplete grades in a certain percentage of the minimum full-time course load for each term of study: 50 percent in the first year, 75 percent in the second year, and 100 percent in each year thereafter. Grades of W (withdrawal) cannot be counted toward meeting these requirements.

Satisfactory academic progress -- To be in good academic standing from the standpoint of making satisfactory academic progress, a student must have earned a minimum number of credits and cumulative grade point average (GPA) by the beginning of each consecutive term of study, as shown in the table below.

Students receiving TAP funds must complete the number of credits and attain the minimum GPA noted below to remain eligible.




Semester 2



Semester 3



Semester 4




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