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Assistantships and Scholarships

Graduate Assistantships

Ithaca College offers a limited number of graduate assistantships to students in programs leading to a master’s degree in adolescence education, communications, exercise and sport sciences, health education, physical education, music, speech-language pathology, teaching students with speech and language disabilities, and sport management. Accepted full-time matriculated students in one of these academic areas who have a minimum 3.00 undergraduate GPA are eligible to apply.


Typically, graduate assistantships are awarded for both the fall and spring semesters of each academic year. However, if funds are available, graduate assistantships may also be awarded during the spring semester and summer sessions. Two letters of recommendation addressing work-related and/or personal qualities must accompany each application for a graduate assistantship.

Deadlines for Completing Assistantship Applications

Application materials for assistantships must be submitted to the dean of graduate studies by the following deadlines:

Adolescence education -- Applications must be completed by May 15.

Business administration -- Scholarships awards are determined by May 1. For more information, refer to the “M.B.A. Scholarships” section below.

Communications -- Applications must be completed by March 1.

Exercise and sport sciences -- Applications are accepted throughout the year, but preference is given to those received by March 1 for the fall semester.

Health promotion and physical education -- Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, with preference given to completed files received by March 1.

Music (for fall and spring admission) -- Applications must be completed by March 1.
Music (for summer-only music education) -- Applications must be completed by April 1.

Speech-language pathology -- Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, with strong preference given to those files that are completed by February 1.

Sport management -- Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis, with preference given to those files that are completed by April 1.

Tuition Scholarship, Graduate Appointment Salary

A graduate assistantship consists of two parts -- a scholarship and a taxable work-related salary. The graduate appointment salary will be paid through the College payroll system on a biweekly basis. The salary will not be paid until the student has completed the W-4 and I-9 forms, which will be available at registration. The recommendation for financial assistance originates with the respective graduate chair and is approved by the graduate dean.

Assistantship Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of each graduate assistant are arranged and supervised by the appropriate school or department. An average of up to 15 hours per week is normally required to fulfill a graduate assistant’s assigned duties on a full assistantship.

M.B.A. Scholarships

Ithaca College offers a limited number of graduate scholarships to matriculated M.B.A. students. Scholarships range from one-quarter to full tuition and are awarded on the basis of academic merit. In most cases, scholarship awards are determined by May 1, and recipients are notified by May 15.


All applicants to the M.B.A. programs are considered for scholarship awards, and no separate scholarship application is required.

Credit and Load Requirements

Credit Limitations

Students must register for a minimum of 9 credits each semester during the academic year to maintain an assistantship (6 credits in the summer). Students with full assistantships may take a maximum of 12 credits per semester. M.B.A. students with full graduate scholarships may take a maximum of 15 credits per semester. Exceptions should be requested in writing and require approval of the dean of graduate studies. Students with TAP awards must take 12 credits per semester, or 9 credits plus a graduate assistantship.

Full-Time Study

A full-time student is defined as one who takes 9 credits per regular semester. During the summer, enrollment with 6 credits is considered full-time.