Ithaca College


Music Education, Suzuki Emphasis

The Suzuki emphasis is open to candidates whose major performance area is violin or viola.

There is a two-year residence requirement. Candidates are required to attend a teacher training institute during the summer between the two years of residency. Candidates must meet the audition requirements expected of all performance degree applicants and are required to present a recital during their course of study.

Acceptance into the Suzuki portion of the degree is subject to approval of the director of Suzuki emphasis at the end of the first term of study.

Degree Requirements

MUED-57100 Suzuki Seminar I        3
MUED-57200 Suzuki Seminar II        3
MUED-67300 Suzuki Practicum I        2
MUED-67400 Suzuki Practicum II        2
MUED-68000 Psychology of Music Teaching        3
MUED-68200 Seminar in Music Education        3
MUED-74x00 Summer Suzuki Teacher Institute        3
MUMC-61100 or 61200 Recital (performance or lecture-recital)        2
MUTH-65200 Bibliography and Research in Music        3
PFMJ-6xxxx Performance (major instrument)        4
PFMJ-6xxxx Performance (minor instrument or ensemble; or chamber music)        2
Total      30