Ithaca College


Master of Music in Performance

Each applicant must demonstrate a level of proficiency equivalent to that required for completion of the bachelor of music degree in performance at Ithaca College.

Degree Requirements

MUMC-61100 Recital        2
MUMC-61200 Lecture-Recital*        1
MUTH-59500 Survey of Piano Literature I (piano majors only)        1
MUTH-59600 Survey of Piano Literature II (piano majors only)        1
MUTH-65200 Bibliography and Research in Music        3
PFMJ-6xxxx Performance (major instrument)        6
PFMJ-6xxxx Performance (minor instrument or ensemble, relative to candidate’s major and professional needs)        2
MUxx-xxxxx Electives in music theory, music history and literature, music education, applied music, or ensemble, including at least 7 credits of coursework outside performance study or ensembles

For piano majors only: electives must total 14 credits (credits for MUTH-59500 and MUTH-59600 are deducted from total elective requirement)

Total      30

*One recital (2 credits) and one lecture-recital (1 credit) are required. The option to substitute a second performance recital in place of a lecture-recital will be decided by the performance studies major teacher in consultation with the student and the graduate chair in music.