Ithaca College

Sport Management

Master of Science Degree with Thesis

The M.S. program with thesis serves a twofold purpose: it can be viewed as the initial step for those interested in pursuing teaching and research careers in sport management, and it can enhance qualifications for entrance into a Ph.D. program.

Both theoretical research and applied research are emphasized. The thesis is based on the student’s independent research, but the work is guided, from selection of a topic through final revision, by a thesis committee. The completed thesis must receive the approval of both the department and the dean of graduate studies.

The program requires 24 credits of coursework and 6 credits of thesis. In addition, the student must complete an oral examination in defense of the thesis. To be eligible for the oral examination, the student must have completed the required courses and have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher for all graduate courses completed as part of the program.

Typical Course Sequence, Thesis Plan

(30 credits)


HPEG-61400 Research Methods in Health and Physical Education  3
SPMG-60000 Sport in Society  3
SPMG-66000 Sports Law  3
SPMG-70000 Thesis I  3


ESSG-61000 Statistical Methods  3
SPMG-65000 Sport Marketing  3
SPMG-67000 Sport Economics  3
SPMG-5xxxx or SPMG-6xxxx Sport management elective  3


xxx-5xxxx or xxx-6xxxx Graduate elective   3
SPMG-71000 Thesis II   3
Total 30