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Ithaca College awards graduate degrees in March, May, August, October, and December. During the term preceding the awarding of the degree, the degree candidate must complete the following steps:

  • File an application to graduate. The application must be filed online with the registrar by the specific filing deadline for March, May, August, October, or December graduation, as shown in the academic calendar.
  • Confirm with the registrar’s office that any credits transferred from another institution are recorded on the transcript.
  • If there have been any changes in program requirements, confirm that approval has been obtained in writing from the program chair and dean of graduate studies and verified by the degree coordinator in the registrar’s office. This includes waivers, courses accepted in lieu of required courses, and verification that all program degree requirements have been met.
  • Satisfactorily complete comprehensive examinations, if applicable.
  • If completing a thesis or research project: After approval by the major adviser, the thesis or project should be submitted to the respective graduate chair one month before the anticipated graduation date. The dean of graduate studies will review and approve all theses. Three copies of the final bound thesis must be submitted to the graduate chair before the grade will be registered. It is the responsibility of the degree candidate to schedule an examination in defense of the thesis when submitting it to the graduate chair.
  • Verify with the graduate chair that all degree requirements have been met.
  • If desired, schedule an exit interview with the dean of graduate studies at least one month before completion of the last semester.