Ithaca College

Sport Management

Master of Science Degree without Thesis

The internship plan is designed for those whose major objective in graduate study is to enhance their professional background in sport management. A total of 30 credits is needed to complete this program (18 credits of required coursework, 6 credits of internship, and 6 credits of electives).

In addition, the student must complete a written comprehensive examination covering general knowledge of the field of sport management, knowledge of specific areas within the field, and research and statistical methods with applications to sport management. In order to be eligible for the written comprehensive examination, the student must have completed the required courses and have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher for all graduate courses completed as part of the program.

Typical Course Sequence, Non-Thesis Plan

(30 credits)


HPEG 61400 Research Methods in Health and Physical Education  3
SPMG 60000 Sport in Society  3
SPMG 66000 Sports Law  3
SPMG 5xxxx or SPMG 6xxxx Sport management elective  3


ESSG 61000 Statistical Methods  3
SPMG 65000 Sport Marketing  3
SPMG 67000 Sport Economics  3
xxx 5xxxx or xxx 6xxxx Graduate elective  3


SPMG 69000 Internship   6
Total 30