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The College's library, open more than 110 hours a week, contains some 400,000 holdings in books, musical scores, periodicals, DVDs , films, laser discs, interactive multimedia, and recordings. The library provides access to over 35,000 electronic full-text journals, 150 databases, and 41,000 full-text electronic books. In addition to scholarly materials, a collection of current literature, audiobooks, and new acquisitions is displayed on the main floor.

The campus wireless network is accessible in the library, and the library has a collection of wireless laptop computers for in-building use. The library is also an ICAirnet "hot spot," where students, faculty, and staff can use their personal wireless devices to access the Internet and campus services. All computers in the library provide access to Microsoft Office and a wide variety of software applications, enabling users to conduct research and complete projects at one workstation.

Multimedia can be accessed via listening stations on the third floor. Interlibrary loan services are available for essential research materials not owned by the library. Requested articles will be delivered electronically via e-mail. Reserve readings and audio recordings are also available electronically.

Through the South Central Research Library Council and the OCLC, the College library has access to the collections of over 43,500 libraries in the United States and abroad. The library's website provides access to national and international electronic resources that support the College's programs.

Librarians welcome the opportunity to serve students -- in person, by phone, IM/Chat and via e-mail. Librarians provide assistance in the effective use of various print and electronic reference sources. Liaison librarians have developed� an online research portal to guide users to information in specific subject areas. Librarians can recommend appropriate materials and suggest research strategies for locating relevant resources.

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) develops and sustains services and infrastructure to support the people, mission and institutional goals of the college. ITS maintains and supports an extensive collection of productivity and business software for the user community. The ITS Helpdesk answers questions and helps troubleshoot problems, provides free software training, and fixes personal computers in the Student Computer Repair Center (SCRC). Networked computers, both Macintosh and PC, are available in 30 facilities across campus. Specialized software, printing and consulting services are available in the main labs. One lab is open 24 hours a day, and the rest are open from early in the morning to late at night throughout the fall and spring semesters. Labs are staffed by student consultants skilled at helping people use the computers.

Network file storage and e-mail accounts are provided free to all Ithaca College students, and a student account on the College's web server is available on request. Access to e-mail, the web, the online library catalog, student account and grade information are available via the Internet.

ITS staff provide free workshops and consulting services to Ithaca College students and faculty. The main office is located in 102 Muller Hall and can be reached by telephone at 607-274-3030.
Information Technology Services