Exercise and Sport Sciences

Master of Science Degree without Thesis

(36 credits)

The non-thesis plan is designed for those whose major objective in graduate study is to enhance their professional background in exercise and sport sciences.

Graduation requirements -- A total of 36 credits (27 credits of required courses and 9 credits of electives) are needed to complete this program. In addition, the student must complete a written comprehensive examination.

Written comprehensive examination -- A written examination covering general knowledge of the field, research and statistical methods, and specific knowledge in the area of concentration constitutes the comprehensive examination for this degree program. In order to be eligible for the written comprehensive examination, the student must have completed the required courses and have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher for all graduate courses completed as part of the program. This includes graduate courses taken at Ithaca College, exchange courses at Cornell University, and approved transfer courses taken at other institutions. Students must request permission in writing to sit for the comprehensive exams and will only be granted permission following a successful graduation audit by the graduate chair in exercise and sport sciences.

Non-Thesis Plan Credits

ESSG 61000 Survey of Statistical Methods       3
ESSG 61100 Research Methods       3
ESSG 61200 Leadership in Exercise and Sport       3
ESSG 64000 Seminar (two semesters)       0
Area of concentration     18
Electives       9
Total     36

(The total may include up to 6 credits approved for transfer from other schools.)