Curricular Information for All Degrees

Course Prefixes and Numbering System

Course numbers consist of a prefix designating the school and department or area in which the course is offered, and a five-digit number that identifies the specific course. The first of the latter five digits is the "level" of a course.

Graduate students may take courses at level five, level six, and level seven. At least 50 percent of the degree coursework must be at level six or above. A maximum of 5 workshop credits may be used toward graduation.

Pass/Fail Option

Only graduate workshops may be taken for credit on a pass/fail basis.

Level-5 Courses

Courses at level 5 are graduate courses that may also include qualified seniors. Graduate students will fulfill additional expectations as set forth by individual professors in these courses.

Performance Study

Each credit of private instruction involves one-half hour of instruction per week. Students may enroll for only 1 or 2 credits of performance study per semester, unless special approval is given by both the major instructor and the graduate chair. There is an additional 1-credit performance study fee for each credit of performance study taken during the summer session.

The performance or graduate chair assigns instructors to music students. Students contact their performance teachers during the first week of classes to arrange their private lesson schedules.


Full-time graduate students whose degree programs stipulate an ensemble requirement are expected to participate in at least one major ensemble during the fall and spring semesters. Assignment is normally made by audition. Exceptions will be decided by the graduate chair in music, in consultation with the student, the performance studies teacher, and the conductor. (Some graduate students are required to participate in a large or small ensemble as part of their graduate assistantship.)


Elective recitals and lecture-recitals are taken for 1 credit; recitals in conducting are taken for 3 credits; all other required recitals are taken for 2 credits.

MUMC 61100 Recital (permission of major professor) 1-3
MUMC 61200 Lecture-Recital (permission of major professor) 1