Business Administration

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Ithaca’s 10-month M.B.A. program begins in late August and offers individuals with business and non-business backgrounds the opportunity to earn an M.B.A. degree in as little as 10 months of full-time study. Part-time study is also an option and allows students to maintain full-time employment while pursuing their M.B.A.

Nine required courses provide a solid foundation in advanced management concepts by blending the formal study of management theory with hands-on practice in analyses, problem solving, and decision making. Coursework also examines contemporary management trends and practices, investigates the challenges of managing in a global economy, and provides opportunities for students to hone the  leadership, networking, and communication skills needed for success in today’s business environment.


Three graduate elective courses allow M.B.A. candidates to customize their degree to meet their personal and professional goals. Students can choose their elective courses from a wide range of options, including courses offered by other graduate programs on campus (e.g., sport management, communications, computer science, music) or at other accredited universities.


Prior to matriculation, applicants seeking admission to the M.B.A. program must have completed one of the following:

  • a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting; or
  • a bachelor’s degree in a non-business field and successful completion of Ithaca College’s pre-M.B.A. minor or applicable pre-M.B.A. modules, or equivalent business coursework, as determined by the M.B.A. program director. Information on the pre-M.B.A. program is available at

Degree Requirements

  • BGRD 60400 Accounting for Executive Decisions
  • BGRD 61000 Managing in a Global Economy
  • BGRD 61500 Decision Support Analysis
  • BGRD 62000 Strategic Planning and Business Policy
  • BGRD 63200 Corporate Financial Management
  • BGRD 64000 Marketing Management
  • BGRD 65000 Organizational Structure and Processes
  • BGRD 65100 Professional and Organizational Development
  • BGRD 66000 Sustainable Practices in Operations and Technology
  • Three graduate elective courses

Academic Advising

The M.B.A. program director serves as the primary academic adviser for all M.B.A. degree candidates.

Pass/Fail Options

Degree candidates must take all courses that count toward the master of business administration degree, whether required or elective, for a letter grade. The only exceptions are internships, which are offered only on a pass/fail basis.