Ithaca College

School of Business

Production Courses

PROD-34500 Operations Management NLA

Introduction to the operations function in business for managing the resources (including people, facilities, inventories, processes, and systems) that create value in the form of a product or a service for an organization. The qualitative and quantitative aspects of managing a supply chain will be covered through topics such as product/process design, quality management, inventory control, and scheduling. Students will use computer technology and library resources to analyze issues, often in teams. Prerequisites: MATH-10700, MATH-10800, or MATH-11100; MATH-14400, MATH-24300, or MATH-24400; ACCT-22600; junior standing. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

PROD-39700, PROD-49700 Selected Topics in Production/
Inventory Management NLA

See ACCT-39700. Offered on demand only. (IRR)

PROD-49800 Internship: Production NLA

See MGMT-49800. Pass/fail only. (F-S,Y)

PROD-49900 Independent Study: Production NLA

See ACCT-49900. (F-S,Y)