Ithaca College

Faculty and Administration

Roy H. Park School of Communications

Cinema and Photography

Changhee Chun, Assistant Professor - B.A. (Han Yang University [Korea]), M.F.A. (North Carolina, Greensboro)

Cathy Crane, Assistant Professor - B.A. (Sarah Lawrence), M.F.A. (San Francisco State)

Margaret Jamieson, Assistant Professor - B.A. (Western Michigan), M.A., M.F.A. (Iowa)

Ron Jude, Associate Professor - B.F.A. (Boise State), M.F.A. (Louisiana State)

Janice Levy, Associate Professor - B.A. (Washington University), M.F.A. (Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Nicholas Muellner, Assistant Professor - B.A. (Yale), M.F.A. (Temple)

Elisabeth Nonas, Assistant Professor - B.A. (Vassar), M.F.A. (New York University)

Steven Skopik, Professor - B.A. (Delaware), M.A. (Wisconsin, Madison), M.F.A. (Rhode Island School of Design)

Stephen Tropiano, Assistant Professor - B.S. (Ithaca), M.A. (New York University), Ph.D. (University of Southern California)

Patricia Zimmermann, Professor - B.A. (Iowa), M.A., Ph.D. (Wisconsin, Madison)

Communication Management and Design

Dennis G. Charsky, Assistant Professor - B.A. (Ithaca), M.S. (SUNY, Binghamton), Ph.D. (Northern Colorado)

Marie B. Garland, Assistant Professor - B.A. (University of New Hampshire), M.A., Ph.D. (Ohio State)

Diane Gayeski, Professor - B.S. (Ithaca), M.A., Ph.D. (Maryland, College Park)

Howard K. Kalman, Assistant Professor - A.A. (Montgomery Community), B.S.C. (Ohio), M.S., Ph.D. (Indiana, Bloomington)

Mary Lou Kish, Assistant Professor - B.A. (SUNY, Cortland), M.S. (Ithaca)

Ari Kissiloff, Assistant Professor - B.S., M.S. (Ithaca)

Gordon Rowland, Professor - B.M. (University of Connecticut), M.M. (Ithaca), Ph.D. (Indiana, Bloomington)

Steven A. Seidman, Associate Professor - B.S. (Wisconsin, Madison), M.A. (Pennsylvania), M.S., Ph.D. (Indiana, Bloomington)

Tammy Shapiro, Assistant Professor - B.A. (Washington University), Ph.D. (SUNY, Binghamton)

Cory Lynn Young, Assistant Professor - B.A.C., M.A. (Bowling Green State), M.Soc.Sci. (University of Birmingham [England]), Ph.D. (Bowling Green State)


John L. Hochheimer, Associate Professor - B.A. (California State, Northridge), M.A., Ph.D. (Stanford)

Mead Loop, Associate Professor - B.A. (Ithaca), M.A. (Missouri, Columbia)

Virginia Mansfield-Richardson, Associate Professor - B.A. (Ohio), M.P.A. (George Mason), Ph.D. (Ohio)

Michael Scully, Assistant Professor - B.S. (Ithaca), M.S. (Columbia University)

Madelyn M. Williams, Associate Professor - B.A., M.A. (Glassboro State), Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State)


Mara Alper, Associate Professor - B.A. (SUNY, Binghamton), M.A. (New York University)

Ben Crane, Associate Professor - B.A. (Michigan, Ann Arbor), Ph.D. (Wisconsin, Madison)

Arhlene Flowers, Assistant Professor - B.A. (New York University), M.S. (New School for Social Research)

Raymond Gozzi Jr., Associate Professor - B.A. (Harvard), M.A. (California, Berkeley), Ph.D. (Massachusetts, Amherst)

Kimberly Gregson, Assistant Professor - B.A. (Missouri, Columbia), M.S., Ph.D. (Indiana University)

Scott R. Hamula, Associate Professor - B.A. (SUNY, Buffalo), M.B.A. (Chicago)

John L. Hochheimer, Associate Professor - B.A. (California State, Northridge), M.A., Ph.D. (Stanford)

Peter Johanns, Assistant Professor - B.A. (SUNY, Cortland), M.S. (Syracuse)

Katalin Lustyik, Assistant Professor - B.S. (Kossuth [Hungary]), M.A., Ph.D. (Colorado, Boulder)

Barbara Morganstern, Associate Professor - B.G.S. (Kent State), M.A., Ph.D. (Bowling Green State)

Tom Nicholson, Assistant Professor - B.A. (Pittsburgh), M.S. (Syracuse)

Ryan Parkhurst, Assistant Professor - B.A. (SUNY, Oswego), M.S. (Syracuse)

Susan Reiner, Pendleton Professional in Residence - B.A., M.A. (New York University)

Megan Roberts, Associate Professor - B.A. (Humboldt State), M.F.A. (Mills)

Cynthia Savaglio, Assistant Professor - B.S. (University of Florida), M.F.A. (New York University)

Gossa Tsegaye, Assistant Professor - B.S. (Ithaca), M.P.S. (Cornell University)

Gordon Webb, Assistant Professor - B.S. (Syracuse), M.S. (Ithaca)

Wenmouth Williams Jr., Professor - B.S. (Bowling Green State), M.S., Ph.D. (Florida State)