Ithaca College

School of Humanities and Sciences

Biochemistry Courses

BIOC-19100-BIOC-19200, BIOC-29100-BIOC-29200, BIOC-39100-BIOC-39200, BIOC-49100-BIOC-49200 Research in Biochemistry NS LA

After consultation with a faculty member doing biochemical research, a research problem is undertaken under the guidance of that faculty member. Prerequisites: Permission of the faculty member. 1-3 credits.

BIOC-21100 Essentials of Biochemistry NS LA

The structure of carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins; the metabolism of amino acids, fatty acids, and sugars; and the structure and function of biological membranes. Prerequisites: CHEM-11100; CHEM-11200. Not open to students who have completed BIOC-35300. 3 credits. (F,Y)

BIOC-35300 Biochemistry I NS LA

Introduction to biochemistry, including consideration of protein, enzyme, carbohydrate, and lipid structure and function, and metabolism of sugars, fatty acids, and amino acids. Mechanisms of reactions and control of pathways are stressed. Three hours of lecture per week. Prerequisites: CHEM-23200. 3 credits. (F,Y)

BIOC-35400 Biochemistry II NS LA

Continuation of BIOC-35300 Biochemistry I. Photosynthesis, biosynthesis of lipids, hormones, amino acids, and nucleotides are considered, followed by a study of the storage, transmission, expression, and control of genetic information. Gene expression in viruses, bacteria, and eukaryotic cells is covered, along with an introduction to genetic engineering techniques, immunoglobulins, and motility. Three hours of lecture per week. Prerequisites: BIOC-35300. 3 credits. (S,Y)

BIOC-42500 Biochemistry Laboratory NS LA

Selected experiments, including isolation and purification of an enzyme, proof of its purity, and its mechanism of action. Emphasis is placed on techniques and methods currently used in biochemical research. Prerequisites: BIOC-35400 (may be taken concurrently). 3 credits. (F,Y)

BIOC-48100 Current Topics in Biochemistry NS LA

Discussion of major research areas of current interest. Topics change from year to year, but may include genetic engineering and cloning techniques, mechanisms of carcinogenesis, toxicology, immunology, and gerontology. Prerequisites: BIOC-35300. 3 credits. (S,Y)

BIOC-49700-BIOC-49800 Honors Research in Biochemistry NS LA

After consultation with a selected honors committee from biology and chemistry faculty, a research project is undertaken under the guidance of a faculty member. An honors thesis and an oral defense of the thesis are required. Prerequisites: Admission to honors program; 3 credits of research at level 3 or above. 3-4 credits.