Ithaca College

School of Humanities and Sciences


Bachelor of Arts

Thomas Shevory, Professor and Chair

The curriculum is designed to give students an understanding of political organization and political forces in modern society, to provide knowledge and a basis for insight and judgment on the problems involved in the relationship of the individual to government, the economy to government, and of governments to one another. Students are prepared for intelligent performance of the functions of citizenship, for careers in public service, foreign relations, the study of law, and for study at the graduate level.

Requirements for the Major in Politics - B.A.
Credits in the major

Three courses at level 1, one each in the subfields of U.S. politics, political theory, and comparative/international studies. POLT-10100 U.S. Politics is required.


Six courses are required at level 3 or above, with a minimum of one course in each of the four subfields that comprise the major program - U.S. politics, political theory, public policy, and comparative/international - and a minimum of two courses in comparative/international studies.


Two courses at level 4 - seminars, tutorials, internships, or directed studies - with at least one course in this series to be a seminar.


One additional course at any level. Majors with senior standing may not fulfill this requirement with a 100-level course. All majors must take at least four courses in comparative/international studies.


Total, credits in the major


A grade of C is the minimum required in major field courses.

Credits outside the major

Foreign language competence up to and including the intermediate level



Credits in the major


Credits outside the major


Free electives


Total, B.A. in politics


Minor in Politics
Requirements for the minor

Two courses at level 1, one of which must be POLT-10100 U.S. Politics


Four courses at level 3 or above


One course at level 4, either a seminar or tutorial or internship


Total, minor in politics


A minimum grade of C is required in the above courses.