Ithaca College

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance


The performance of stunts on selected pieces of apparatus following progressive practice and instructional guidance. Improvement in physical development and coordination are primary goals.

PALS-05900 Gymnastics Activities I NLA

Men practice tumbling, parallel bars, side horse, and vaulting; women practice tumbling, uneven bars, balance beam, and vaulting. Course objectives are to develop basic skills in the above areas, to combine two or more skills, and to promote good spotting techniques. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

PALS-06000 Gymnastics Activities II NLA

While Gymnastics Activities I introduces students to various gymnastic events and their basic skills, Gymnastics Activities II is structured to individual specialization, so as to further develop skills and spotting techniques and to combine three or more skills. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)