Ithaca College

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Physical Fitness Activities

Fundamentals of physical fitness and body development based on sound progression, evaluated in accordance with the needs and desires of each participant.

PALS-09000 Personal Defense NLA

Develops, through the learning of basic skills, an appreciation of the art of defending oneself or one's loved ones and property. Students learn strategy and knowledge of vulnerable areas, legal implications, and the need for physical exercise and safety precautions. Primarily for students who want to learn basic self-defense techniques. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (F-S,Y)

PALS-09300 Personal Fitness I NLA

Provides the skills and activities needed to achieve a high degree of physical fitness. Exercises designed to improve cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone, flexibility, and personal appearance are emphasized. This course develops an appreciation for keeping in good physical condition. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (F-S,Y)

PALS-09400 Personal Fitness II NLA

An extension of Personal Fitness I. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (F-S,Y)

PALS-09500 Personal Fitness III NLA

Students set their own goals by incorporating more individualized instruction in their daily programs, including jogging, weight training, flexibility exercises, and circuit training. Pass/fail only. 0.5 credit. (IRR)

PALS-09800 Basic Jujitsu NLA

A basic course in Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu. Involves the study of the history, philosophy, and skills of jujitsu. The techniques are a mixture of many of the martial arts and can be used for self-defense. An additional fee for a uniform may be required. Pass/fail only. 1 credit. (F-S,Y)