Ithaca College

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Sport Management and Media Courses

SPMM-11000 Introduction to Sport Management NLA

An investigation of the scope of the sport industry, a growing major business enterprise in the United States and in much of the world. Functions of management, skills, and attributes required of a sport manager, and roles of a manager are discussed. Attention is on how the managerial process is related to sport organizations and their products. Students become acquainted with career opportunities in the sport management field. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-11200 Contemporary Issues in Sport Management NLA

This course is designed to provide students opportunities to examine current issues and trends in the sports industry, research the wide range of career opportunities available in the industry, obtain work experiences in the sports industry, develop career plans in the field of sport management, and expand knowledge of computer software programs that are most frequently used in the sport industry. Prerequisites: SPMM-11000; major in sport management or sport media. 3 credits. (S,Y)

SPMM-20700 History of Sport HU LA 1h

Focuses on the role of sport in past and contemporary societies. Consideration of sport as a microcosm of society, a mirror of American life. Political, economic, military, and societal issues of sports participation are carefully examined - how sport has shaped culture and has, in turn, been influenced by it. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-21000 International Sport Administration NLA

An analysis of sport in an international context. This course examines the scope of the sports industry internationally and introduces students to the wide range of career opportunities in the field of international sport management. In addition, this course examines the managerial process to include the functions of management, as well as the roles, skills, and attributes required of sports managers. Students will be introduced to problems/issues faced by international sport managers by analyzing and discussing actual case studies in sport management. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. 3 credits. (IRR)

SPMM-24200 Sport Video Production NLA

Students apply their introductory knowledge of preproduction planning, camera work, script writing, editing, and interview techniques to create video packages dealing with local sport events. Students will complete their packages in a collaborative manner through all phases of fieldwork production. The emphasis is on improving the proper fundamentals and techniques needed for shooting sporting events, while creating an interesting audio and visual perspective. Prerequisites: TVR-10100; SPMM-11000; sophomore standing. 3 credits. (Y)

SPMM-28500 Sport Event and Facility Management NLA

Develops a student's understanding of the skills needed to manage and operate sport, physical education, and public assembly facilities. The following topics will be addressed: scheduling the facility; box office management; security and supervision; safety and medical services; housekeeping and maintenance; concessions and merchandise; risk management and insurance; the conceptual and technical aspects related to the developing and operating of sport related events; and the purchase and maintenance of equipment. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing; SPMM-11200. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-29200 Minicourses in Sport Management and Media NLA

A series of short courses in specialized areas of sport management and media. Visiting lecturers and faculty of the school participate in areas of their expertise. Analyses of actual case studies focusing on sport management and media problems and issues confronted by sport managers help students in further developing their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students conduct independent research in which they analyze a particular management problem/issue (case study), and develop and write strategies to effectively address the management problem/issue. May be repeated. Additional fee for course materials (see course schedule). Prerequisites: At least one course in sport management and media; refer to Undergraduate Course Offerings each semester. Pass/fail only. 1-3 credits. (IRR)

SPMM-29300 Minicourses in Sport Management and Media LA

A series of short courses in specialized areas of sport management and media that meet College guidelines for liberal arts designation. This course will be more theoretical in nature, requiring students to think about sport and its place in history, modern culture, and society. Visiting lecturers and faculty of the school participate in areas of their expertise. May be repeated. Additional course fee may be required for course materials; refer to course schedule. Prerequisites: Vary depending on the topic; refer to Undergraduate Course Offerings each semester. Pass/fail only. 1-3 credits. (IRR)

SPMM-29500 Social Aspects of Sport SS LA 1

An investigation of the social significance of sport and the utilization of the sociological perspective for understanding the nature of sport. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-29700 Sport: Philosophical Perspectives LA 1

An introduction to several philosophical perspectives on the meaning of sport as a human activity. An examination of selected philosophical issues or topics as they occur in sport. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing; SPMM-20700 or SPMM-29500. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-29800 Gender Issues in Sport LA 1

A study of the central role of gender in the formulation of understandings and expectations about sport in American culture. An overview of selected psychosocial, historical, and philosophical issues that shape the nature and scope of men's and women's participation in sport and physical activity. Particular emphasis is placed on the social construction of gender in sport, specifically the ways sport is used to reinforce a predominantly male value system, and how female and male sport experience are defined and constrained by that system. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing; SPMM-20700 or SPMM-29500. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-29900 The Evolution of Sport Media LA 1h

An analysis of the changing landscape of the sport media from the Industrial Revolution of the mid-19th century to its current configuration. Students examine relevant periods and events throughout American history, and investigate the role the sport media played on the political, social, and technological climate of that time. The course will also try to debunk the myth that what goes on in today's sports media is dramatically different from bygone eras. Prerequisites: One course in the Department of Sport Management and Media; sophomore standing. 3 credits. (S, Y)

SPMM-30300 Seminar in Legal and Ethical Issues in Sport LA

Examines a variety of sport situations that help students appreciate the legal and ethical dilemmas facing those who participate in and manage the sport enterprise. Explores and analyzes options for resolving specific legal and ethical dilemmas, increasing students' knowledge and understanding of the role and influence of those involved in the sport experience. Prerequisites: Junior standing; at least two of the following: PHIL-10100, PHIL-21200, SPMM-29500, SPMM-29700, GBUS-20300. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-31000 Labor Relations in Sport NLA

Examination of the development, history, and legal aspects of the labor movement in sport. Discussion of the collective bargaining process in sport and the impact that court cases, antitrust law, and arbitration decisions have had on professional sports. Analysis of resolutions to specific labor problems through simulated negotiations. Prerequisites: SPMM-11000 or SPMM-20700; junior standing. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-31500 Sport Governance NLA

Basic theories of organization and leadership applied to sport organizations. Included are professional team-sport leagues, intercollegiate athletics, the Olympic movement, and international sport associations. Prerequisites: MGMT-20600. (F or S,Y)

SPMM-32400 Youth Sport In America LA

Investigation of the social and cultural significance of the ways contemporary American society employs sport to foster moral development in children and adolescents. Focus is on historical antecedents of organized sport for children both in and outside the school setting. Significant attention is devoted to Little League baseball and high school football and basketball. Prerequisites: SPMM-20700; SPMM-29500; junior standing. 3 credits. (IRR)

SPMM-32500 Sport Media Relations NLA

Deals with the workings and process behind executing the proper techniques of media relations in all facets of the sport industry. The media relations offices of college/university athletic departments or professional franchises act as liaisons between the school/team and the media. To better understand how both sides work to form this symbiotic relationship, sport organizations will be analyzed in terms of their organization and execution of promotion and marketing strategies. Prerequisites: Junior standing. Corequisites: SPMM-34900. 3 credits (F or S,Y)

SPMM-32600 Sport Marketing NLA

Examination of the concepts and principles of promotion as applied to the unique aspects of sport. Analysis of the relationship between sport promotions and public relations strategies that are employed by the sport manager. Students develop promotional strategies and activities that can be applied in real-life sport organizations to enhance the public relations efforts of the organization. Prerequisites: One SPMM-prefix course; MKTG-31200. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-33900 Sport Publications NLA

Examines the operations and procedures behind the various arms of the print media. Students will learn about newspapers, magazines, and web publications by first analyzing their historical evolution and basic business models. The primary goal is to understand how these media outlets define their target audience, satisfy commercial obligations, and then create relevant and appealing material. Students will analyze the style and tone of the various media outlets by reading different publications and critiquing the presentation along with the substance of the words on the page. After the analytical work is completed, the second half of the semester will be based on students writing copy for newspapers, magazines, and web publications. The final goal is to produce a publication created solely by the students in the class. Prerequisites: Completion of a 6-credit writing requirement; junior standing. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-34900 Fieldwork in Sport Management and Media NLA

Practical experience in amateur and professional sport agencies and community sport organizations. Focus is on observation, guided learning, and supervised practical experiences. Prerequisites: Sport management and sport media major; junior standing or above; permission of department chair. 1-6 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-35200 Financial Aspects of Sport NLA

Basic theory in finance applied to managerial control of sport organizations. Included are forms of ownership, taxation, financial analysis, feasibility studies, and economic impact studies. Prerequisites: SPMM-11000; ECON-12200; ACCT-22500. 3 credits. (Y)

SPMM-36500 Sport Economics SS LA

Application of economic theory to the markets of professional and amateur sports. This course applies economic principles to analyze a wide range of issues within the realm of professional sports and intercollegiate athletics. Included are the analysis of labor markets and labor relations, public finance of sports facilities, and the organization of sports institutions. Prerequisites: SPMM-11000; ECON-12200. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-39000 Sport Internet Marketing NLA

Designed to develop a student's understanding of how to use the Internet to market in sport. This course will include topics as follows: the utilization of the web in sport marketing, the importance of usability analysis in Internet marketing, the development of Internet marketing plans, the interactivity of the Internet, customer relations management on the Internet, media/public relation on the Internet, and evaluating web content. Prerequisites: SPMM-11000; MKTG-31200; COMP-11000 or COMP-xxxxx, or EXSS-13900 and junior standing. 3 credits. (IRR)

SPMM-39400 Sport in Film and Literature LA

Investigation of the sociocultural and mythic dimensions of contemporary sport as represented in selected films and fiction. Prerequisites: Junior standing; SPMM-29700. 3 credits. (S,Y)

SPMM-39700 The Olympic Games LA

Investigation of the historical, cultural, and sociopolitical significance of the Olympic Games, both ancient and modern. These perspectives further a deeper understanding of the nature of sport. Prerequisites: SPMM-20700, SPMM-29500, or SPMM-29700; junior standing. 3 credits. (IRR)

SPMM-39900-SPMM-39999 Selected Topics in Sport Management and Media LA/NLA

Topics of current interest to faculty and students. Experimental courses are offered under this course number and title. This course may be repeated for credit for different selected topics. Prerequisites: As appropriate to topics. 1-3 credits. (IRR)

SPMM-40700 Sport in the Civil Rights Movement LA

Investigation of the role sport and prominent athletes played during the course of the civil rights movement. Specific analyses will include Jesse Owens's and Joe Louis's roles in the confrontation with Nazi Germany; Jackie Robinson's breaking the color barrier in major-league baseball; Muhammad Ali's defiance of the draft during the Vietnam War; and the Olympic Games boycott movement of 1968. Group projects by students are presented in a public setting at the conclusion of the semester. Prerequisites: SPMM-20700; SPMM-29500; SPMM-29700; one SPMM-3xxxx (LA) course. 3 credits. (IRR)

SPMM-41000 Sport Policy NLA

An examination of policy development in various areas of the sport enterprise. Covers the theory and role of policy development through a review of case studies on current sport issues and problems. In addition, students select for research a sport issue or problem in a particular sport organization or setting. Students are then guided through independent research projects aimed at developing and writing policies to address the real-life issue or problem. Prerequisites: SPMM-11000; SPMM-32600; senior standing; sport management major. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-45000-SPMM-45099 Independent Study in Sport Management and Media LA

Individual study program for the investigation of special issues or topics in the field of sport management and media that have such breadth of cultural material or psychological material, such rigor and depth of theoretical structure, or such play of broad intellectual and aesthetic themes as to be classified liberal arts. Arranged individually between student and faculty sponsor according to guidelines available from the department. Prerequisites: Major or minor in the Department of Sport Management and Media; permission of the department chair. 1-3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-45100-SPMM-45199 Independent Study in Sport Management and Media NLA

Individual study program for the investigation of special issues or topics in the field of sport management and media that are so professional, practical, or applied in nature that they cannot be classified as liberal arts. Arranged individually between student and faculty sponsor according to guidelines available from the department. Prerequisites: Major or minor in the Department of Sport Management and Media; permission of the department chair. 1-3 credits. (F-S,Y)

SPMM-46000 Internship in Sport Management and Media NLA

Supervised work experience in amateur or professional sport agencies and community sport organizations. Student assumes a leadership role in various job-related activities and performs administrative tasks in support of such activities under an experienced agency supervisor and faculty sponsor. Prerequisites: SPMM-34900; permission of department chair. 6-12 credits. (F-S,Y)