Ithaca College

School of Music


PFMJ-10100 through PFMJ-45100 Voice I-V
- Major Instrument, Music Majors

PFMJ-10101 through PFMJ-20101 Voice I-II
- Major Instrument, Music Minors

PFMJ-10102 through PFMJ-30102 Voice I-III
- Secondary Instrument, Music Majors

The development of artistic vocal musicianship through the study and performance of carefully selected and individualized vocal literature. The acquisition of a functional vocal technique through attention to posture, breathing, tonal onset, vowel purity, reduction of inhibitory physical tensions, body coordination, and a balanced registration. Appropriate vocalises constructed to meet the individual technical problems of the student. Upper-level studies focus on range extension, vocal flexibility, melismatic singing, and the messa di voce.

Language requirements by semester:

Semester 1

no requirement

Semester 2

one foreign language

Semester 3-4

English, Italian, French, or German

Semester 5-6

English, Italian, French, and German

Representative repertory includes the Twenty-Four Italian Songs and Arias; Handel Italian arias; German repertory of Franz, Schumann, Schubert, Brahms, and Wolf; French literature of Fauré, Debussy, Duparc, Berlioz; Handel English opera and oratorio arias; early 20th-century and contemporary English and American songs and arias of Vaughan Williams, Finzi, Warlock, Britten, Barber, Dello Joio, Persichetti, Menotti, Copland, Argento, Rorem; and operatic literature covering all styles and periods. All repertory selected to meet the development needs of the individual student.

In addition to these catalog requirements for the voice area, students studying voice for credit at Ithaca College must follow the guidelines as set forth in the Ithaca College School of Music Voice Area Handbook.