Ithaca College

Division of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

E. Kimball Milling, Director

The Division of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions administers a variety of educational programs that enhance the academic and extracurricular life of the College, reflecting the strengths of the College and the needs of the community.

Summer Sessions

The summer sessions at Ithaca College provide the opportunity to combine study selected from a wide variety of course offerings and scheduling possibilities with the inviting attractions of the Ithaca area in the summertime. The summer sessions are designed to meet the needs of Ithaca College undergraduate and graduate students, visiting students from other colleges and universities who wish to spend their summer at Ithaca, and those who wish to take courses on an extramural basis.

Summer offerings reflect the full range of Ithaca College academic programs. Each of the five schools -- business, communications, health sciences and human performance, humanities and sciences, and music -- schedules lower- and upper-level classes during the two five-week sessions. In addition, there are a five-week graduate music session and a variety of specialized credit workshops. Students may also register for internships and independent studies.

Detailed information on the summer sessions is found in the catalog published every spring by the summer sessions office.