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John A. Krout, Professor and Director
Pamela S. Mayberry, Associate Director and Academic Program Coordinator

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The Ithaca College Gerontology Institute promotes and supports research, curriculum development, continuing education, community service, and creative arts activities that incorporate a focus on aging. A primary goal of the institute is to provide opportunities for students to learn about aging and careers in gerontology through courses, internships, volunteer activities, and involvement in research projects and professional organizations.

Ithaca College enjoys a partnership with Longview, a residential facility for older adults located very close to campus. This partnership, designed to be mutually beneficial for Ithaca College students and Longview residents, is coordinated and supported by the Gerontology Institute. Longview residents take courses and participate in cultural events at the College. Ithaca College students are involved at Longview through course projects, internships, volunteer opportunities, and special programs (such as an intergenerational choir) sponsored by student organizations.

The Gerontology Institute supports faculty research and especially encourages projects that involve students in the research process. Students from a variety of majors have gained valuable research experience through a variety of research projects. Ithaca College students have conducted interviews with older adults, worked with faculty on data analysis, and presented papers at professional meetings as part of their involvement in gerontology research projects.

The Gerontology Institute administers the aging studies major and minor and collaborates with the Division of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions to oversee the nondegree certificate in gerontology. The institute also offers support to faculty members who wish to incorporate information about aging in their courses, invites gerontology scholars to campus to meet with students and faculty, and provides an important link with state and national professional gerontology organizations.
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