School of Business

Special Programs

Leadership Certificate Requirement (Non-Credit)

All students enrolled in the School of Business must complete two leadership certificates offered by the Ithaca College Center for Student Leadership and Involvement (CSLI), as part of their requirements for graduation. All students should first complete the leading self certificate, followed by either the leading others or leadership in a diverse world certificate. For each certificate, the student completes eight workshops from a list of topics that are offered by CSLI each semester.


The internship program, an off-campus experience involving varied, non-routine work projects, is available for interested students who qualify. Internships are designed to allow students to synthesize the academic theory they have learned with "real-world" experiences. The program places primary responsibility on the student in conjunction with a faculty sponsor to develop a project proposal and carry out its requirements. Internships are available during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Three business elective credits are granted for each internship. An internship may not be repeated for credit with the same employer. A maximum of 6 credits may be earned in any combination of internship and experiential learning (see below). London Center internships are for 3 credits per semester only. Internships in the School of Business are graded on a pass/fail basis only. To qualify, students must have attained a minimum of 2.70 cumulative GPA and junior status; in addition, they must have completed the appropriate principles course in their respective major or concentration.

Students interested in the internship program should obtain a copy of the internship guidelines at the School of Business dean's office. Please note carefully the application deadlines for each term, usually near the end of the add/drop period.

Experiential Learning

This program allows students after the first year in college to investigate specific business disciplines through placements in business organizations. The student is expected to keep a log of activities and have frequent contact with a faculty sponsor. For each experience, the student may earn 1 credit. Students may repeat the program for up to 3 credits, provided each experience is with a different employer. Experiential learning credits may be used only for open credit, not for a business elective. The combination of experiential learning and internship may not exceed 6 credits.

Independent Study

Students may pursue an independent study with the guidance of a faculty member. Its purpose is to enable students to pursue personal academic interests in an area not covered in or beyond the scope of existing courses. Independent study projects normally involve research into a topic, with a written report as the final product, but variations are accepted when appropriate.

A variable amount of credit may be earned toward the degree. To qualify, a student must have a 3.00 cumulative grade point average and must have completed at least 6 credits in the subject matter. Guidelines are available at the School of Business office. Please note carefully the application deadlines for each term, which usually occur at the end of the add/drop period.

The London Program

Business majors are encouraged to participate in the London Center study-abroad program during the sophomore year (see "International Programs" in the DIIS section). We recommend that discussion and planning begin in the student's first year. Students can obtain descriptive literature from the Office of International Programs. Course planning should be worked out with the faculty adviser and the Office of International Programs.
International Programs

Other Study-Abroad Opportunities

Business majors are encouraged to study abroad during their sophomore year. Both affiliated and nonaffiliated programs offer opportunities for students to learn about other cultures, improve their foreign language skills, and, in some cases, fulfill business course requirements. Course planning can be worked out with the faculty adviser. More information about study abroad options is available at the Office of International Programs, 214 Center for Health Sciences: 607-274-3306 (voice), 607-274-1515 (fax), or (e-mail).

Articulation Agreements with Community Colleges

The School of Business has established agreements with four community colleges (Tompkins-Cortland, Cayuga, Corning, and Monroe) to allow students to plan their first two years in preparation for transfer to a business major at Ithaca College. (See "Articulation Agreements" in the Student Information section for more information.) The agreements delineate transfer course equivalents and transfer admission standards.

Students interested in transferring to Ithaca College under an articulation agreement are encouraged to contact the associate dean of the Ithaca College School of Business.
Articulation Agreements


Dean's Award

Each year, the dean, in consultation with the school's faculty, selects one or more graduating seniors for the Dean's Award. The award is given in recognition of superior scholastic achievement and extracurricular service to the College, school, and student body.

Dean's Leadership and Distinguished Service Award

Each year the dean, in consultation with the school's faculty, selects one or more graduating seniors for the Dean's Leadership and Distinguished Service Award. The award is given in recognition of distinguished leadership activities and service to the College, school, and student body.


The graduating senior accounting major with the highest GPA in accounting courses is given an award by the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants.

Two students are selected by the accounting faculty to receive awards for excellence by the Southern Tier chapter of the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants. One award is for excellence in accounting, the other for excellence in auditing.


Each year the top senior finance major is selected by the finance faculty to receive the Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award.

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary organization for financial information students and professionals. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. Ithaca College's Mu Alpha chapter invites undergraduate students with a declared major in accounting or a concentration in finance or corporate accounting and who have completed at least 30 credit hours and attained a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 to join as candidates for induction. Upon completion of participatory and community service requirements, at least 60 credit hours, a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.3, and at least a 3.3 cumulative grade average in junior-level accounting and finance courses at Ithaca College, candidates may be inducted as student members into the Mu Alpha chapter of Beta Alpha Psi. Degree-seeking graduate students focusing on accounting or finance shall be eligible for membership.

Beta Gamma Sigma

Lifetime membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International. The mission of Beta Gamma Sigma, an honorary business organization founded in 1913, is to encourage and recognize academic achievement in the study of business.  Undergraduate juniors and seniors who rank in the top 10 percent of their class and have completed 30 credits in the School of Business will be invited to become members. Eligible M.B.A. students must rank in the upper 20 percent of the graduating class in order to be eligible for induction. Candidates must also be of good moral character. The induction takes place in the spring semester.

Sigma Iota Epsilon

Students enrolled in management-related programs throughout the College are eligible for membership in the Zeta Iota chapter of Sigma Iota Epsilon, the national honorary/professional management fraternity and student division of the prestigious Academy of Management. Undergraduate candidates for membership must have completed 30 credits at Ithaca College, have completed at least one management course with a grade of B or better, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25. Graduate students must have completed 9 credits at Ithaca College and have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher. Candidates must also complete additional coursework in management and be of good moral character.

Students are encouraged to seek additional information about these programs from the dean's office.