Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies

Culture and Communication Courses

CLTC 10000 - Introduction to Culture and Communication LA

Introduction to the interdependent relationship between symbols, rituals, artifacts, and patterns of thought of cultural groups and the communication practices of those groups. Core concepts are demonstrated through an illustrative case focused on a social issue, problem, or other phenomenon. Students are also introduced to resources and basic skills that enhance study in the liberals arts. 3 credits. (F,S)

CLTC 11000 - Media Literacy and Popular Culture 1 LA SS

This course serves as an introduction to the theory and practice of media literacy with an emphasis on developing skills in analysis and evaluation of media messages, as well as an understanding of critical thinking and the mediated communication process. Using an interdisciplinary approach that draws from many fields (including communications, psychology, and education), the course includes analyses of messages from both traditional (e.g., print, TV, film) and digital (e.g., websites) popular and educational media, and examines the effects of media messages on beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors. Open to freshmen and sophomores only. 3 credits. (S, Y)

CLTC 48000 - Senior Seminar in Culture and Communication LA

In this capstone course each student will undertake a major scholarly research project involving a topic related to her or his designated area of inquiry. Drawing on the skills and knowledge developed through previous coursework, and with the mentoring of the seminar instructor, each student will execute a suitable research design and present the results both in writing and orally in a public forum. Prerequisites: Senior standing in culture and communication major; TVR 26200, CNPH 30000, CNPH 30100, OCLD 34000, or SPCM 32800. 3 credits. (S)