School of Humanities and Sciences

Honors Program

Robert G. Sullivan, Associate Professor and Director

A select number of exceptionally qualified applicants to the School of Humanities and Sciences are invited to apply to the H&S honors program; if admitted, they participate in a series of special, intensive seminars complemented by an array of out-of-class activities. Starting in the fall of the first year, honors students begin a sequence of eight honors seminar courses that help students meet general education requirements of the school. The sequence includes

  • a first-year seminar taken in the first semester;
  • five intermediate seminars, normally completed in the second, third, and fourth semesters;
  • a seminar on cultural themes taken in the junior year; and
  • a capstone seminar on contemporary issues, taken in the senior year.

The seminars focus on a problem, theme, or topic approached from multiple perspectives, taking the student beyond the normal boundaries of disciplinary thought. Students who complete the full seminar sequence graduate with honors in humanities and sciences as designated on their official College transcript. H&S honors students who transfer to one of the professional schools may complete honors requirements and receive official designation. The H&S honors program does not conflict with departmental honors programs; qualified students can complete both.

Qualified students not originally admitted to the honors program can apply after their first semester; early application is encouraged. Internal transfers to the program must complete a modified requirement of six honors courses: four intermediate seminars, the junior-year seminar, and the senior-year seminar.

External transfer students may apply and will be considered for the program on a case-by-case basis. They are subject to the same honors program requirements as internal transfers. External transfer students with honors associate degrees from institutions with which Ithaca College has articulation agreements may apply for the program. If they are admitted, they are required to complete a total of four courses: two intermediate seminars, the junior-year seminar, and the senior-year seminar.