School of Music

Course Prefixes and Numbering System

Course Prefixes


Jazz studies


Music education




Additional music courses


Courses for the non-music major


Music theory, sight-singing, and composition; music history and literature


Performance -- major instrument


Performance -- nonmajor


Performance -- secondary instrument

Numbering System

The first three digits after the prefix designate the specific course. The first of these digits represents the year (one through four) during which a student normally takes this course. Ensembles may be repeated for credit. The third digit is odd or even depending on whether the course is normally offered during the first or second semester, respectively.

Level-5 courses

Courses at level 5 are graduate courses for which qualified seniors may enroll under certain circumstances. Seniors may take level-5 courses for either graduate or undergraduate credit provided they

  1. have completed 90 or more hours in an undergraduate degree program;
  2. have a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher; and
  3. secure the approval of the instructor, undergraduate adviser, graduate chair, dean of the school, and dean of graduate studies.

Such courses taken for graduate credit cannot be applied toward an undergraduate degree; those taken for undergraduate credit cannot be applied toward a master's degree.