School of Business

Marketing Courses

MKTG 10300 - Minicourses in Marketing NLA
MKTG 10301 - Minicourses in Marketing NLA
MKTG 10302 - Minicourses in Marketing NLA
MKTG 10303 - Minicourses in Marketing NLA

Block courses on topics of current interest to faculty and students. May be repeated up to a maximum of 3 credits with different selected topics. Prerequisites: as appropriate to topics. 1.5 credits. (IRR)

MKTG 31000 - Quantitative Methods in Business NLA

A study of quantitative tools used in solving business problems. Statistical quality control and decision models, regression methods, linear programming, and CPM- and PERT-type models. Using computers to solve problems is an important aspect. Prerequisites: MATH 24300 or MATH 24400; COMP 11000; junior standing. 3 credits. (S,Y)

MKTG 31200 - Principles of Marketing NLA

Study of concepts, activities, and decisions related to the exchange process, management of the marketing mix, and development of marketing strategy for profit and not-for-profit organizations. Addresses the sociocultural, legal and regulatory, technological, economic, ethical, political, and social responsibility dimensions to marketing in the global environment. Prerequisites: Three courses in business or social sciences; junior standing. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

MKTG 32300 - Consumer Behavior NLA

Study of consumer behavior variables and their impact on marketing. Includes consumer
behavior models, motivation, perception, attitudes, and the influences of family, society, and
culture. Prerequisites: ECON 12200; MKTG 31200; junior standing. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

MKTG 32500 - Sales and Sales Promotion NLA

Examines the roles of personal selling and sales promotion in an organization's integrated marketing communications (IMC) mix. Students will learn how sales and sales promotion work together and with other IMC tools (advertising, publicity) to accomplish marketing strategies. Students will gain knowledge of traditional and cutting-edge consumer and trade promotions, as well as personal selling tactics and techniques. Prerequisites: MKTG 31200; junior standing. 3 credits. (Y)

MKTG 38000 - International Marketing NLA

Focus on marketing management problems, techniques, and strategies necessary to incorporate the marketing concept into the world marketplace. A multidisciplinary approach creates a broad understanding of the subject matter. Concepts from economics, political science, anthropology, sociology, management, and marketing are integrated. Readings include text plus journal and magazine articles. Prerequisites: MKTG 31200; junior standing. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

MKTG 39700 - Selected Topics: Marketing NLA

Topics of current interest to faculty and students. This course may be repeated for credit for different selected topics. Prerequisites: As appropriate to topics; junior standing. 1-3 credits. (IRR)

MKTG 39800 - Field Experience: Marketing NLA

Off-campus experience requiring a minimum of 35 hours of work in an organization, designed to give students practical work experience in their field of specialization. Students should contact the internship coordinator for registration information and application. (P/F only). 0 credit (IRR)

MKTG 41100 - Marketing Research NLA

Introduction to the design and application of research methodology and the most common and
practical problems associated with marketing research. Emphasis is on survey methods focusing
on questionnaire construction, data collection, and analysis. Computer assignments require
students to use latest software packages. Prerequisites: TVR 26000, MATH 14400, MATH
24300, MATH 24400, or PSYC 20700; MKTG 31200; junior standing. 3 credits. (F-S,Y)

MKTG 44400 - Services Marketing NLA

This course will introduce students to the issues and problems unique to the marketing of services. Topics include relationship marketing, the seven P's of service delivery, complaint management and recovery, service guarantees, measures of customer satisfaction, managing the moment of truth, servicescapes, employee empowerment, blueprinting services, and managing overall service strategy. Prerequisite: MKTG 31200. 3 credits. (IRR)

MKTG 48600 - Marketing Strategy NLA

A capstone course for marketing majors, challenging them to identify and apply appropriate marketing concepts gained through earlier coursework. Specifically, the student is required to analyze actual and hypothetical marketing situations and react to or solve marketing problems by demonstrating an understanding of the marketing concept, mix, and strategy, as well as a strategic perspective. Prerequisites: MKTG 31200; MKTG 32300; MKTG 41100; senior standing. 3 credits. (S,Y)

MKTG 49100 - Marketing on the Internet NLA

Examines similarities and differences between traditional and online marketing methods and strategies. Heavy online research component; students will gather both secondary and primary data on the web, and then analyze and report findings. Assignments include investigating electronic marketing trends and practices in selected industries and creating web pages for hypothetical businesses. Prerequisites: MKTG 31200; junior standing. 3 credits. (S,Y)

MKTG 49700 - Selected Topics: Marketing NLA

Topics of current interest to faculty and students. This course may be repeated for credit for different selected topics. Prerequisites: As appropriate to topics; junior standing. 1-3 credits. (IRR)

MKTG 49800 - Internship: Marketing NLA

Off-campus experience involving varied, nonroutine work projects designed to allow students to synthesize academic theory with "real-world" operations of an organization. Primary responsibility is on the student to develop a project proposal and then carry out its requirements in conjunction with a faculty sponsor. Prerequisites: Junior standing and completion of appropriate principles course; a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.70 at Ithaca College; approval of proposal by term beginning. Internship credit falls under the business elective category in the degree requirements. An internship may not be repeated for credit with the same employer. A maximum of 6 credits may be earned in any combination of internship (ACCT/FINA/HRM/INTB/MGMT/MKTG/PROD 49800) and experiential learning classes (BINT 19800). Offered pass/fail only. 1 to 6 credits. (F-S,Y)

MKTG 49900 - Independent Study: Marketing NLA

A variable amount of credit may be earned toward the degree. To qualify, students must have a 3.00 cumulative grade point average and must have completed at least 6 credits in the subject matter. Guidelines are available at the School of Business office. 1-3 credits. (F-S,Y)