Faculty and Administration

School of Music

The information below is current as of April 1, 2010.

Vincent Aiosa, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.S., M.S. (SUNY, Fredonia)

Conrad Alexander, Adjunct Assistant Professor (part-time), Percussion - B.S. (Southern Methodist), M.M. (Eastman School of Music)

Susan J. Avery, Associate Professor, Music Education - B.M. (Eastman School of Music), M.M. (Ithaca), Ph.D. (Eastman School of Music)

Andrew M. Benware, Assistant Professor, Music Education - B.M., M.M. (Ithaca)

Diane Birr, Associate Professor, Piano - B.S. (Wisconsin, Stevens Point), M.M. (Indiana, Bloomington), D.M.A. (Eastman School of Music)

Leslie A. S. Black, Associate Professor, Music Theory - B.A. (Western Ontario [Canada]), Ph.D. (Yale)

Randie Blooding, Associate Professor, Voice - B.M.E. (Colorado State), M.M. (Southern Methodist), D.M.A. (Ohio State)

Kenneth Brown, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.M. (Ithaca), M.M. (Eastman School of Music)

Jonathan Bowen, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.M. (SUNY, Fredonia), M.M. (Ithaca)

Frank G. Campos, Professor, Trumpet - A.A. (Monterey Peninsula), B.A. (California State, Fresno), M.M. (University of North Texas)

Julie Carr, Lecturer, (part-time) Music Education - B.M. (Ithaca), M.M. (Kansas, Lawrence)

Gary Chollet, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.S., M.M. (Ithaca)

Pablo Cohen, Assistant Professor, Classical Guitar - B.M. (Buenos Aires Conservatory [Argentina]), M.M., D.M.A. (Temple)

Kelly Covert, Lecturer (part-time), Flute - B.M. (Georgia, Athens), M.M. (Ithaca)

Craig C. Cummings, Associate Professor, Music Theory - B.M.E., M.M., Ph.D. (Indiana, Bloomington)

Brian DeMaris, Assistant Professor, Opera and Musical Theater - B.M. (Ithaca), M.M. (New England Conservatory)

Charis Dimaras, Associate Professor, Piano - Diploma (Royal College [London]), M.M. (Juilliard), D.M.A. (Manhattan)

Lawrence A. Doebler, Professor, Choral Ensembles - B.M. (Oberlin), M.M. (Washington University)

D. Kim Dunnick, Professor, Trumpet - B.M. (Indiana, Bloomington), M.M. (Catholic University of America), D.M. (Indiana, Bloomington)

Richard Faria, Associate Professor, Clarinet - B.M. (Ithaca), M.M. (Michigan State), D.M.A. (SUNY, Stony Brook)

Mark L. Fonder, Professor, Music Education, Wind Conductor - B.M. (Lawrence), M.S., Ed.D. (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Janet R. Galván, Professor, Music Education, Choral Conductor - B.M., M.M., Ed.D. (North Carolina, Greensboro)

Michael Galván, Professor, Clarinet, Music Education - B.M.E. (New Mexico), M.M. (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Lee Goodhew Romm, Professor, Bassoon - B.M. (North Texas State), M.M. (Southern Methodist), D.M.A. (Michigan State)

Jeffrey Grey, Lecturer (part-time), Trombone - B.M. (Bowling Green)

Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann, Assistant Professor, Music Theory, Composition - B.M. (Faculdade Santa Marcelina [Brazil]), M.M. (Florida International), D.M.A. (Boston University)

Jennifer Hayghe, Associate Professor, Piano - B.M., M.M., D.M.A. (Juilliard School)

Jennifer Haywood, Associate Professor, Music Education - B.M., M.M. (Ithaca), Ph.D. (Toronto [Canada])

Nathan Hess, Assistant Professor, Piano - B.M. (James Madison), M.M., D.M.A. (Cincinnati)

Bradley Hougham, Assistant Professor, Voice - B.M. (Saskatchewan [Canada]), M.A. (Queens)

Daniel S. Isbell, Assistant Professor, Music Education - B.M. (Ithaca), M.M. (New Mexico, Albuquerque), Ph.D. (Colorado, Boulder)

Rebecca Jemian, Associate Professor, Music Theory - B.M. (Peabody Conservatory), M.M. (Texas, Austin), Ph.D. (Indiana, Bloomington)

Carl Johengen, Adjunct Assistant Professor (part-time), Voice - B.M., M.M. (Ithaca), D.M.A. (Eastman School of Music)

Timothy A. Johnson, Associate Professor, Music Theory - B.M. (Massachusetts, Lowell), M.M. (University of Connecticut), Ph.D. (SUNY, Buffalo)

Keith A. Kaiser, Associate Professor, Music Education - B.M.E. (Wyoming), M.M. (Redlands), Ph.D. (Florida State)

Jennifer Kay, Assistant Professor, Voice - B.M. (Ithaca), M.M., D.M.A. (Boston University)

Thomas Killian, Lecturer (part-time), Jazz Studies - B.M., M.M. (Ithaca)

Deborah Lifton, Assistant Professor, Voice - B.M. (Michigan, Ann Arbor), M.M. (Manhattan School of Music)

Deborah Martin, Associate Professor, Piano - B.M. (Baylor), M.M., D.M. (Indiana, Bloomington)

Emily J. Mason, Assistant Professor, Music Education - B.M. (Capital University), M.M. (Ohio), Ph.D. (Florida State)

Steven Mauk, Professor, Saxophone - B.S. (Tennessee, Knoxville), M.M., D.M.A. (Michigan, Ann Arbor)

Carol McAmis, Professor, Voice - B.M., M.M. (Kansas)

Wendy Herbener Mehne, Professor, Flute - B.M.E. (Nebraska, Lincoln), M.M. (Michigan, Ann Arbor), D.M.A. (Wisconsin, Madison)

Phiroze Mehta, Professor, Piano - B.E. (Poona [India]), M.E. (University of Florida), M.M. (Massachusetts, Amherst), Licenciate (Royal School of Music [England])

Jeffery D. Meyer, Assistant Professor, Orchestra Conductor - B.M. (Lawrence University), M.M., D.M.A. (SUNY, Stony Brook)

Deborah Montgomery-Cove, Professor, Voice - B.M. (North Carolina, Greensboro), M.M. (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Deborah Moree, Professor, Viola and Violin - B.M., M.M. (Indiana, Bloomington)

Paige R. Morgan, Associate Professor, Oboe - B.M. (Kansas), M.M. (Eastman School of Music), D.M.A. (Eastman School of Music)

Louise Mygatt, Lecturer (part-time), Music Theory - B.F.A. (University of Connecticut), M.A. (Princeton University), M.F.A., D.M.A. (Columbia University)

Merilee Nord, Lecturer (part-time), Music Theory - B.M.E., M.M. (Nebraska, Lincoln)

Timothy A. Nord, Associate Professor, Music Theory - B.S., M.S. (Portland State), M.M. (Nebraska, Lincoln), Ph.D. (Wisconsin, Madison)

Bonnie B. Nye, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.M. (Syracuse)

David E. Pacun, Associate Professor, Music Theory - B.A. (Swarthmore), M.A., Ph.D. (University of Chicago)

David Parks, Professor, Voice - B.M. (Westminster Choir College of Rider), M.M. (Michigan, Ann Arbor), D.M.A. (Arizona)

Patrice Pastore, Professor, Voice - B.A. (Bryn Mawr), M.A. (Tufts), M.M. (New England Conservatory of Music)

Alexander J. Perialas, Assistant Professor, Sound Recording - B.S. (Ithaca)

Barry Peters, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.S. (Mansfield), M.M. (Ithaca)

Elizabeth Peterson, Associate Professor, Music Education - B.M. (Michigan, Ann Arbor), M.M. (Northwestern University), D.M.A. (Shenandoah Conservatory)

Stephen G. Peterson, Professor, Wind Ensemble - B.M., M.M. (Arizona State), Ph.D. (Northwestern University)

Dawn Pierce, Adjunct Assistant Professor (part-time), Voice - B.M. (Ithaca), M.M. (North Carolina School of the Arts)

Jean C. Radice, Lecturer (part-time), Organ - B.M. (Boston University), M.M. (Cincinnati)

Mark A. Radice, Professor, Music History - B.M. (Boston University), M.M. (Cincinnati), Ph.D. (Eastman School of Music)

Margaret Reitz, Lecturer (part-time), Piano - B.M. (Boston University), M.M. (SUNY, Binghamton)

Sanford Reuning, Adjunct Assistant Professor (part-time), Music Education - B.M. (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Harold A. Reynolds, Professor, Trombone - B.M. (St. Mary's University), M.Ed. (Southwest Texas State), D.M.A. (Eastman School of Music)

Deborah Rifkin, Assistant Professor, Theory - B.A. (SUNY, Binghamton), M.M. (Michigan, Ann Arbor). Ph.D. (Eastman School of Music)

Peter Rothbart, Professor, Electroacoustic Music - B.A. (Massachusetts, Amherst), B.M. (Eastman School of Music), M.M. (Ithaca), D.M.A. (Cleveland Institute of Music)

Kathleen Rountree, Professor, Piano - B.M. (East Carolina), M.M. (Southern Illinois, Edwardsville), D.M. (Florida State)

Gregory Rudgers, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.M. (Ithaca), M.Ed. (Elmira College)

Steven Schopp, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.S. (Ithaca), M.S. (Illinois, Urbana), Professional  Diploma (Long Island University), Ed.D. (Columbia University)

Alex Shuhan, Associate Professor, French Horn - B.M. (Eastman School of Music)

Peter S. Silberman, Assistant Professor, Music Theory - B.M. (Oberlin), M.A., Ph.D. (Eastman School of Music)

Elizabeth P. Simkin, Associate Professor, Cello - B.M. (Oberlin), M.M. (Eastman School of Music)

George H. Smith, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.M. (Ithaca), M.M. (Catholic University of America)

Gordon Stout, Professor, Percussion - B.M., M.M. (Eastman School of Music)

Edward Swenson, Professor, Music History - B.M. (Oberlin), M.A. (Kentucky), Ph.D. (Cornell University)

Michael Titlebaum, Assistant Professor, Jazz Studies - B.M., M.M. (Eastman School of Music)

David Unland, Associate Professor, Baritone and Tuba - B.M. (Southern Illinois, Edwardsville), M.S. (Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

Nicholas Walker, Assistant Professor, Double Bass - B.A. (Rice), M.M., D.M.A. (SUNY, Stony Brook)

Susan Waterbury, Associate Professor, Violin - B.M. (Ohio State), M.M. (Eastman School of Music)

Marc Webster, Adjunct Assistant Professor (part-time), Voice - B.M. (Ithaca), M.M. (Eastman School of Music), Artist Diploma (Juilliard)

Chad West, Assistant Professor, Music Education - B.M. (Arizona State), M.M. (University of Georgia)

John W. White, Associate Professor, Music Theory - B.M. (Northern Colorado), M.M. (Ithaca), Ph.D. (Indiana, Bloomington)

Baruch Whitehead, Associate Professor, Music Education - B.M.E., B.A. (Cincinnati), M.F.A. (University of Florida), Ph.D. (Capella)

Dana Wilson, Professor, Music Theory, Composition - B.A. (Bowdoin), M.A. (University of Connecticut), Ph.D. (Eastman School of Music), Dana Professor

Gregory S. Woodward, Professor, Music Theory, Composition - B.M. (Connecticut), M.M. (Ithaca), D.M.A. (Cornell University)

Robert Zazzara, Lecturer (part-time), Music Education - B.S. (SUNY, Fredonia), M.S. (Ithaca)