School of Humanities and Sciences

Linguistics Courses

LNGS 11100 - Cross-Cultural Journeys through Cinema 3B G HU LA

Team-taught lecture course that examines cinematic representations of changing notions of cultural, national, and individual identity. Topics will include the impact of war and fascism on national identity; changing notions of the family structure and gender roles; generational conflict and cultural identity, class, race, and religion. Students will investigate these topics both within and across various national cultures. 3 credits (S,Y)

LNGS 23200 - Introduction to Linguistics 3A LA SS

An introduction to the fundamental areas and concepts of modern linguistics. Study of sounds and sound patterns, word and sentence structure, and language change. Other topics may include semantics, language acquisition, dialects, and pidgin and creole languages. Prerequisites: One course in the humanities or social sciences. Open to all students. Students may not earn credit for both LNGS 23200 and LNGS 23300. 3 Credits. (F-S,Y)