School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Graduate Programs

In addition to the undergraduate degree programs offered by its academic departments, the school offers a variety of graduate opportunities:

  • The five-year program in occupational science/occupational therapy awards a B.S. degree in occupational science at the end of the fourth year and an M.S. degree in occupational therapy at the end of the fifth year.
  • The six-year program in clinical health studies/physical therapy awards a B.S. degree in clinical health studies at the end of the fourth year and a doctorate in physical therapy at the end of the sixth year.
  • The graduate curriculum leading to an M.S. degree in exercise and sport sciences offers thesis and nonthesis options. One of the unique characteristics of the program is the opportunity to pursue an area of concentration in either exercise physiology, sport psychology, or human performance.
  • Speech-language pathology majors may apply to continue their studies beyond the B.S. degree through the department's M.S. degree programs in speech-language pathology and teaching students with speech and language disabilities.
  • The graduate curriculum leading to an M.S. in physical education or an M.S. in health education offers thesis and non-thesis options. The program is designed for individuals with an undergraduate degree in either health or physical education who have initial teaching certification in one of these areas. After completing the program, students will be eligible for New York State professional certification.
  • The graduate course of study leading to an M.S. in sport management offers two degree tracks: an internship option and a thesis option. The program prepares graduate students for a variety of positions in the sports industry.

For more information regarding these programs as well as the College's other graduate programs, consult the Ithaca College graduate catalog.
Graduate Catalog