School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Physical Activity, Leisure, and Safety Program

Janet K. Wigglesworth, Associate Dean and Program Coordinator

The physical activity, leisure, and safety (PALS) program provides diverse, skill-oriented physical activities as part of a general education program promoting the physiological development of students, improving their fitness and motor skills, and enabling them to maintain a suitable recreation program of their choice during and after college. The PALS program offers a variety of activities in the areas of aquatics, individual and dual sports, team sports, and physical fitness. Additional courses in dance are offered for all students through the physical education program (PHED prefix courses), and CPR and first aid courses are offered through the health education program (HLTH).

A maximum of 6 credits in PALS courses, taken as open (free) electives, may be counted toward graduation. Each school or department determines the number that may be counted toward graduation. PALS courses are offered on a pass/fail basis only.

Activity Course Registration Information

Students must register online for activity courses. In order to do so, students must select the appropriate block: block 1 (first 7 weeks of the semester) or block 2 (last 7 weeks of the semester). Students risk being automatically dropped from the course if they do not attend the first class meeting. The only exception to this rule will be with prior notice of the absence. A student who is dropped for non-attendance may apply to be added at the next class meeting. (Note: The instructor is not obligated to drop a student; students who decide not to take the course must follow the regular drop procedures.) All persons who participate in activity courses must have a health clearance on file in the College's health center.

Some of the courses require the student to pay an extra fee to cover various instructor, equipment, and materials costs. Courses where students will be assessed a fee include American Red Cross CPR and first aid courses, scuba diving, skiing, and snowboarding. The costs associated with these courses are noted in the course descriptions when students register.

Intercollegiate Athletic Course Registration Information

Students participating on an intercollegiate athletic team can register online for intercollegiate athletic course credit. Students who do not make the team or who discontinue participation for any reason must drop or withdraw from the course online. Intercollegiate athletic courses are offered on a pass/fail basis only. Credit is granted either in the fall or the spring for any given sport. No late requests for credit will be honored.