Roy H. Park School of Communications

Strategic Communication Courses

STCM 10200 - Professional Development I NLA

First in a series of three modules on the development of professional competencies and identity in strategic communication fields. Includes assessment and self-analysis of individual skills, talents, and values as they align with diverse professional roles and career trajectories in the field. Overview of industry structure. Strategies and tactics for professional network management and conceptual models for professional portfolio design. Enrollment limited to communication management and design majors and integrated marketing communications majors. This is a block course. 1 credit. (Y)

STCM 10300 - Introduction to Strategic Communication LA

Introduction to the fundamental theories, concepts, and applications of strategic communication to meet a variety of organizational goals. Provides an overview of practices in communication management, learning, and design, and integrated marketing communications. Describes how these elements can be combined to create seamless programs that affect the various publics of businesses and not-for-profit organizations, and how such programs increase organizational value and effectiveness. Students investigate issues that challenge contemporary organizations by analyzing case studies, conducting research, and designing possible solutions from multiple perspectives. This is a cross-listed course; students can only receive credit for either TVR 10300 or STCM 10300. 3 credits. (F-S)

STCM 10800 - Human Communication in Organizations LA SS

An introductory examination of human communication in organizations, with an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to approach organizational communication situations. Includes the use of mediated communication for skill development and evaluation. 3 credits. (F-S)

STCM 11100 - Presentation Media and Visual Design NLA

Introduction to the planning, design, production, and delivery of presentations using media, including posters, slide presentations, computer graphics, and websites. Emphasis on systematic design and production, critical application of visual literacy, and graphic design principles to instructional, informational, and motivational messages. Students' projects focus on creative use of these media in organizational settings. Practical experience in graphic design layout, pictorial composition, image manipulation, website design, and presenting to audiences. 3 credits (F-S)

STCM 12300 - Systems Thinking and Design LA SS

An introduction to the perspectives and approaches of systems science and design, particularly emphasizing the usefulness of their combination in planned change in organizations. Sample topics include: thinking across and beyond disciplines; systems types and views; complexity; rational and creative (out-of-control) processes; and the consequences of innovation. Most assignments and projects are set in the context of organizational communication and learning, but their relevance and value extend well beyond. 3 credits. (Y)

STCM 15000 - Professional Applications of Technology NLA

Introduction to professional tasks, and the preparation of a broad range of communications and learning materials using technology tools. Hands-on practice designing organizational communications, presentations, training materials, and project management reports. Emphasis given to planning, problem solving, decision making, professional responsibilities, and ethics. Review of computer software tools and concepts. Introduction to roles and tasks of communications/learning professionals. 3 credits (Y)

STCM 20200 - Professional Development II NLA

Second in a series of three modules on the development of professional competencies and professional identity, specifically tailored for students in strategic communication fields. Focus on methods of reflective practice and transferring classroom learning into professional practice. Overview of projected developments and trends, especially increasing integration, in the various fields of strategic communication. Guest speakers represent various communication occupations, industries, and professional organizations. Enrollment limited to communication management and design majors and integrated marketing communications majors. This is a block course. Prerequisite: STCM 10200. 1 credit. (Y)

STCM 20400 - Technology-Supported Work Team NLA

An exploration of the communication and collaboration challenges faced by hybrid and virtual work teams. A focus on teams as emergent sociotechnical systems. Students develop an understanding of team attributes, dynamics, and processes as well as a practical set of basic facilitation and assessment skills to enhance team effectiveness across multiple computer-supported tasks. Prerequisites: STCM 10300, STCM 10800, SPCM 14000, MGMT 20600 or MGMT 22000, or permission of the instructor; Sophomore standing. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 21000 - Instructional Design NLA

An introduction to theories, processes, and practices associated with workplace learning and performance. Major topics include learning theory, designing training, computer based learning, organizational learning, and performance improvement. Prerequisites: STCM 10300, STCM 12300 or STCM 22200. 3 credits. (Y)

STCM 21100 - Corporate Communication: Strategy and Design NLA

This course is intended to give students a strong foundation in the strategy and design of corporate communication programs for internal and external communication. Students will use theories, principles, and practices of corporate communication to assess contemporary strategies and communication efforts and will gain experience in strategic design for both internal communication (e.g., employee communication, change communication, knowledge management) and external communication (e.g., communication with investors and the community, interorganizational communication, crisis communication, customer and government relations). Prerequisites: STCM 10300 or 3 credits in communication. 3 credits. (Y)

STCM 22000 - Interactive Media NLA

Provides hands-on experience in designing and creating interactive multimedia projects. An examination of the theoretical bases and applications of interactive media informs students' decisions in designing their projects. Student projects focus on instructional, promotional, and informational applications of these web-based technologies. Prerequisites: COMP 11100, COMP 10500, or STCM 15000; sophomore standing. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 23000 - Meeting and Event Management NLA

Provides theoretical grounding and practical skills in meeting and event management. Students learn to design, manage, lead, and critique decision-making and information-sharing meetings, corporate training courses and symposia, trade shows, conferences, online "webinars" and collaboration, and special events. Student groups practice facilitation, decision-making, and event-planning skills in developing actual class tours and guest speaker presentations. Prerequisites: STCM 10300 or STCM 10800. 3 credits. (Y)

STCM 23200 - Public Relations LA

Defines public relations functions and processes. Examines public relations history, ethics, theories, tactics, specializations, and career opportunities. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. 3 credits. (F-S)

STCM 23400 - Introduction to Promotional and Instructional Video NLA

Introduction to the theory and practice of video design and production in corporate and other organizational settings. Emphasis is placed on the nature of corporate, industrial, instructional, and not-for-profit video; program formats; and beginning field production and postproduction using digital video tools. Prerequisites: STCM 10100, STCM 10300, or TVR 12000. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 24000 - Organizational Writing and Publishing NLA

Through theory and practice this course examines the roles of and techniques for creating, producing, and printing materials such as public relations materials, newsletters, and annual reports. Students use desktop publishing software for writing and layout assignments and examine the effects of design and dissemination decisions on internal and external audiences. Prerequisites: A 100-level writing course and STCM 11100. 3 credits. (Y)

STCM 24100 - Advertising LA

A survey of the history, organization, operation, and regulation of the advertising industry. Emphasis is placed on the economics of advertising, including rate structures, media analysis, and demographics, and on the creation and evaluation of advertising. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing. 3 credits. (F-S)

STCM 25100 - Organizational Culture and Conflict LA SS

Examination of the role communication practice plays as both the foundation of organizational culture and the means by which organizational conflict is expressed and negotiated. Focus is on the role of communication in framing and sustaining organizational culture, as well as how modes of communicating and mediating conflict are manifestations of an organization's culture. Review of the value-based, symbolic, and ritualistic foundations of conflict as it occurs between members of organizations, as well as between organizations and the public. Includes the use of appropriate case studies to amplify communication issues. Prerequisites: STCM 10800 or sophomore standing. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 29200 - Minicourses in Communications NLA
STCM 29201 - Minicourses in Communications NLA
STCM 29202 - Minicourses in Communications NLA

A series of short courses in specialized areas of communications that do not meet the College guidelines for liberal arts designation. Visiting lecturers and faculty of the school participate in areas of their expertise. May be repeated. These courses do not count toward required strategic communication electives. Prerequisites: Vary depending on the topic; refer to Undergraduate Course Offerings each semester. Pass/fail. 1 credit. (IRR)

STCM 29300 - Minicourses in Communications LA

A series of short courses in specialized areas of communications that meet the College guidelines for liberal arts designation. Visiting lecturers and faculty of the school participate in areas of their expertise. May be repeated. These courses do not count toward required strategic communication electives. Prerequisites: Vary depending on the topic; refer to Undergraduate Course Offerings each semester. Pass/fail. 1 credit. (IRR)

STCM 29600 - Audience Research and Media Planning NLA

Survey of the major forms of audience research in television and radio, with particular emphasis placed on the Nielson and Arbitron ratings reports. Covers principles of sample surveys; interpretation of audience data; and application to programming, promotion, and sales. Prerequisites: TVR 12100; TVR 26000 or PSYC 20700. 3 credits. (F-S)

STCM 30000 - Crisis Communication NLA

Emphasizes the process by which individuals and organizations strategically manage various types of social, political, environmental, and organizational disasters or emergencies. The course explores multiple layers and levels of a crisis and the communication issues that develop, especially in terms of rebuilding the community. These communication issues are then applied to a current crisis. Prerequisites: STCM 21100 or STCM 23200. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 30200 - Professional Development III NLA

Third in a series of three modules on the development of professional competencies, specifically tailored for students in strategic communication fields. Focus on understanding professional identity, ethics, and responsibilities of communication professionals in organizations. Prepares students to strategically market their knowledge, competencies, and transferable skills in their chosen fields, including completion and review of their professional portfolio. Discussions explore how to achieve long-term career growth and development. Enrollment limited to communication management and design majors and integrated marketing communications majors. This is a block course. Prerequisite: STCM 20200. 1 credit. (Y)

STCM 30300 - Serious Games NLA

Simulation and games are essential tools used for training and education in a variety of industries including business, health care, government, education, and military. The course examines the combination of game design with learning theory. The focus is on the understanding the relevant research on motivation, game design methods, and how poeple learn from games in order to design a serious game. Students will create examples and prototypes of their serious game designs. Prerquisites: STCM 21000 or TVR 20900. 3 credits. (Y)

STCM 31000 - Organizational Speech Writing and Interviewing H LA

The role of the organizational communication specialist includes many functions, two of which are addressed in this course. The organizational interviewing function focuses on dyadic and group situations where information is gathered, evaluated, and sometimes shared, such as selection, appraisal, and focus group interviews. The organizational speech-writing function focuses also on the production and dissemination of information and includes audience analysis and manuscript writing. Students prepare and conduct interviews, write speeches, and critique both the execution and underlying dynamics of each. Prerequisites: STCM 10800, SPCM 11000, or SPCM 11500; two courses in communications, speech communication, or culture and communication. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 31100 - Government and Stakeholder Relations NLA

Explores how organizations are held accountable for their actions and decisions by various constituencies. Through case study analyses, students will investigate dialectical tensions, challenges, and issues that surface in strategically managing different stakeholders — investors, government agencies, and communities. Students will learn about their own and organizations' expectations for ethical and social corporate responsibility, both in domestic and international contexts. Prerequisites: STCM 21100. 3 credits. (F, E)

STCM 32000 - Leadership Communication LA SS

Examines the theories and practices of participatory leadership in organizational settings. Specific attention is given to communication skills, media applications, and problem-solving and decision-making formats. Prerequisites: Three courses in communications; junior standing. 3 credits. (Y)

STCM 33000 - Advertising Copywriting and Art Direction NLA

Focuses on building a strategy to meet marketing communication goals with effective advertising across a variety of media. Students will learn, think, and communicate through both copy and visuals as they gain experience in conceptualizing, designing, and writing messages for media. Students will learn how to create and present such messages, as well as how to analyze and evaluate their persuasiveness. Prerequisites: TVR 24100. 3 credits. (F-S)

STCM 33200 - Writing for Public Relations NLA

Fundamentals of writing for public relations. Emphasis is placed on format requirements of materials submitted to the media; writing for a client; persuasion in writing; and clarity, flow, and other elements of proper public relations writing style. Provides applications using news release, feature, article, editorial, and financial report formats. Prerequisites: TVR 23200. 3 credits. (F)

STCM 33300 - Applied Corporate Event Management NLA

The application of communication and project management principles to complex organizational events such as training seminars, product launches, fund-raising events, and conferences, providing students an opportunity to work on and critique the planning and execution of an actual event. Each student is assigned an event and conducts structured observations of meetings and activities of the event team, reflecting on current issues and trends from readings and lectures. The student is also assigned specific duties in the planning, execution, and/or evaluation stages of the event, and produces a professional portfolio and project notebook that documents and reflects on the competencies they developed. Prerequisites: STCM 23000. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 34000 - Research and Evaluation in Strategic Communication LA SS

An examination of basic research and evaluation methods (including qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods approaches) in applied communications settings. Emphasis is placed on theoretical bases, procedures, and ethical considerations. Skills are developed in application of techniques as well as in interpretation and criticism of studies in corporate communication, integrated marketing communications, and instructional technology. The course will focus on the methods to identify, describe, and evaluate stakeholders, determine message effectiveness, and improve strategies and communications. Enrollment limited to strategic communication majors or minors, integrated marketing communications majors, and culture and communication majors. Prerequisites: Junior standing. 3 credits. (F-S)

STCM 36500 - Communication in International Organizations LA SS

This course explores the relationship between organizational communication and culture in the context of international organizations. In particular, it focuses on communication process and structure, emphasizing the creation and interpretation of messages aimed at persuasion and influence, as well as learning, training, and performance. Prerequisites: Three courses in communications; junior standing. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 37100 - Websites that Work NLA

Advanced concepts involved in developing Internet and intranet sites for organizations including planning, design, implementation, maintenance, and evaluation. Emphasis is placed on site structure, content, navigation, aesthetics, and technology. The course combines lectures, classroom exercises, and case studies to provide an in-depth understanding of website implementation in the workplace. Prerequisites: CMD 22200. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 38000 - E-Learning NLA

The theory and practice of designing web-based multimedia that help people learn. Concepts of interactivity, feedback, perception, and learning are studied. Students integrate knowledge of instructional design with development skills in designing, developing, and evaluating an online project for an Ithaca College faculty member. Prerequisites: STCM 21000 or COMP 20100. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 39000 - Selected Topics in Strategic Communication LA

Exploration and analysis of a specific area of communication. Topics vary based on student demand and on faculty expertise and research interest. Course content and pedagogical methods meet the College guidelines for liberal arts designation. May be repeated once. Not a production course. Total number of credits in any combination of STCM 39000, STCM 39010, 22x-41200, and 22x-41210 may not exceed 6. Prerequisites: Junior standing; others vary depending on the topic. Refer to Undergraduate Course Offerings each semester. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 39010 - Selected Topics in Strategic Communication NLA

Exploration and analysis of a specific area of communication. Topics vary based on student demand and faculty expertise and research interests. Course content and pedagogical methods do not meet the College guidelines for liberal arts designation. May be repeated once. Total number of credits in any combination OCLD 39000, OCLD 39010, TVR 41200, GCOM 41200, OCLD 41200, TVR 41210, GCOM 41210, OCLD 41210, STCM 39000, STCM 39010, STCM 41200, or OCLD 41210 may not exceed 6. Prerequisites: Junior standing; others vary depending on the topics. Refer to Undergraduate Course Offerings each semester. 3 credits. (IRR)

STCM 41200 - Workshop in Strategic Communication NLA

Individual assignments designed to provide advanced applied experiences based on students' program and career goals. Specific projects may involve production or communication analysis and design; projects are determined jointly by the student and a faculty adviser and must have departmental approval. Students may take a second semester of this course with approval of the instructor. Total for STCM 41200 and STCM 49900 may not exceed 6 credits. Prerequisites: Junior standing. 1-6 credits. (F-S)

STCM 42000 - Critical Issues in Integrated Marketing Communications LA

Review and critical analysis of long- and short-term issues in integrated marketing communications, focusing on how critical and ethical considerations affect the sender and receiver of these messages. Students taking this course will look specifically at issues in advertising, public relations, marketing, and sales promotion, and how these areas now overlap to create issues in the converged realm of integrated marketing communications. Prerequisites: TVR 12000; TVR 23200; TVR 24100; MKTG 31200; integrated marketing communications major or minor. 3 credits. (F-S)

STCM 43000 - Brand Design and Communication NLA

An advanced course that focuses on the communication process of redesigning a corporate brand for an existing corporation or organization. After defining a company's essence, character, and purpose, students design and execute a corporate image across various forms of internal and external communications. Requires conceptual thinking and creative execution, and culminates in a comprehensive branding campaign for a specific company suitable for inclusion in a creative portfolio. Prerequisites: Integrated marketing communications major or minor; junior standing; STCM 33000 and STCM 33200. 3 credits. (F)

STCM 43400 - Management of Strategic Communication NLA

Capstone course examining management principles and practices for communication and workplace learning professionals. Topics include developing department operations budgets, strategic planning and organizational alignment, identifying client needs, requests for proposals, senior management relations, communicating value, developing policies and procedures, assessing employee performance, project management, and change management practices. Students carry out a project for a client to investigate a communications/learning problem and design an intervention. Enrollment limited to CMD and IMC majors and minors. Prerequisites: Senior standing. 3 credits. (S)

STCM 44000 - Public Relations Lab NLA

An advanced workshop dedicated to the planning of an actual public relations case study, including analysis of the publics involved and the media options for the practitioner; planning, budgeting, and scheduling; and development of problem-solving messages, actions, and/or events. For advanced students in business or communications or for those planning a career in public relations. Prerequisites STCM 23200; STCM 33200, STCM 33000, WRTG 31100, or STCM 34000. (F,Y)

STCM 44100 - Ad Lab NLA

The essentials of advertising campaign planning, including media strategy, positioning, and ad design, culminating in a comprehensive plan for a specific product. For advanced students in marketing or communications or for those planning a career in advertising. Prerequisites: TVR 26000; TVR 24100; TVR 29600; STCM 33000; acceptance of portfolio. 3 credits. (S)

STCM 44500 - Performance Improvement LA

Broad study of how factors such as learning, motivation, work environment, group interaction, communication, and management come together to influence individual and organizational performance. Includes methods for understanding these factors and for making positive change in the performance of individuals and organizations. Topics include needs analysis, performance analysis, task analysis, system modeling, and design of nontraining interventions. Involves preparing a consulting project for an organization. Prerequisites: STCM 34000; senior standing. 3 credits. (Y)

STCM 44600 - Communicating Organizational Change NLA

Analysis, synthesis, and application of communication theories and strategies central to the process of organizational change. Review of literature and case studies related to such topics as stakeholder participation, vision-building, ethical and ideological dimensions of change, and how organizational culture develops and changes. Course culminates with an experiential learning opportunity with a client organization to design effective internal and external communication initiatives for a major structural change and/or the introduction of a new product, process, or service. Open to communication management and design and integrated marketing communications majors only. Prerequisites: STCM 21100 or STCM 23200; STCM 34000 or TVR 29600; and senior standing. 3 credits. (Y)

STCM 45000 - Critical Issues in Organizations: Theory, Application, and Policy LA SS

Explores the implications of new and emerging issues confronting communication, collaboration, and learning in organizations. Students integrate communication, learning, and management theories as well as previous learning experiences to investigate the organizational, ethical, and policy implications of one or more multidimensional issues such as changing workplace demographics, emerging technologies, new organizational structures, globalization, or knowledge management. Enrollment limited to communication management and design, integrated marketing communications, and culture and communication majors and minors. Prerequisites: Senior standing. 3 credits. (F) SS LA

STCM 49000 - Internship NLA

Jointly supervised work experience with a cooperating institution or organization in the field of communications, intended to motivate the intern toward professional growth through observation and participation, to provide an opportunity to meet active professionals, and to stimulate career planning. Skills and academic knowledge will be put into practice. May be repeated. Total may not exceed 12 credits, including London and Los Angeles internships. Enrollment limited to strategic communication majors or minors. Prerequisites: Junior standing; completion of the Park School internship procedures. 1-6 credits. Pass/Fail only. (F-S)

STCM 49800 - London Communications Internship NLA

A limited number of internships with cooperating institutions or organizations are available to communications majors. The jointly supervised work experience offers the opportunity to learn through observation and participation in a professional setting. Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing; completion of Park School internship procedures; approval of the dean in the semester preceding the London registration. Pass/fail only. 3-6 credits. (F-S) See "London Center."

STCM 49900 - Independent Study LA

Intensive study under the supervision of a faculty adviser. Possible topics include instructional design and evaluation, organizational communication analysis and evaluation, and the adoption and evaluation of new technologies such as multimedia or teleconferencing. Comprehensive research paper (not a project) is required. May be repeated for a total of no more than 6 credits; total of CMD 49900 and CMD 41200 may not exceed 6 credits. Enrollment limited to strategic communication majors. Prerequisites: Junior standing. 1-6 credits. (F-S)