Interdisciplinary Studies

Classical Studies

Matt Klemm, Assistant Professor and Coordinator

Ithaca College offers students an opportunity to study the classical tradition from an interdisciplinary perspective. The classical studies minor focuses on the languages, literatures, and civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as the later classical tradition. Since many of the ideas and principles that emerged in the classical world are basic to Western culture, courses in classics apply to the study of almost all the liberal arts and sciences. Classical studies is of particular interest to students of law, literature, rhetoric and composition, communication, modern languages, history, politics, religion, music, art history, drama, and philosophy. For more information, contact the program coordinator.

Requirements for the Minor in Classical Studies

The minor has three components: (1) classical languages, (2) core courses in classical history and culture, and (3) electives.

Classical languages

6 credits of Latin or Greek above level 1, or proficiency 0-6

Core courses in classical history and culture

Three courses, each from a different department, for a total of 9 credits. The following core courses are offered regularly.

Art history

ARTH 20900

Introduction to the Roman World

ARTH 21900

Arts of Antiquity: Greece and Rome


ENGL 23100

Ancient Literature


HIST 23100

The Ancient World: Greece and Rome

HIST 35300 Ancient Greece
Philosophy and religion

PHIL 10200

Introduction to Philosophy -- Greek Foundations

PHIL 20100

Plato and Aristotle

Speech communication

SPCM 32600

Classical Theories of Rhetoric

  Total, core courses 9

Additional courses, including experimental or occasional offerings with an appropriate focus may be considered as core courses by the coordinator. Check the classical studies website for additions to the list of core courses.
Classical Studies


Six credits of electives are to be chosen from the list of courses maintained on the classical studies website or from the list of core courses in classical history and culture. Elective credits may also be applied from other appropriately focused courses, including independent studies, directed reading, or selected topics courses, with the approval of the program coordinator.

Total electives 6
Total, minor in classical studies 15-21

Students may apply only 3 credits from their major(s) and/or 3 credits from another minor toward the completion of the classical studies minor.