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Library Resources

336-10500 - - - Library Resources and Methods of Research - - - U LA

A seven-week course on the College library collections and services. Instruction in use of periodical indexes, abstracts, reference sources, card catalog, and nonbook materials. Emphasis on completion of two bibliographic search projects. 1 credit. (F)

336-10800 - - - Business Reference Sources and Methods of Research - - - NLA

A seven week course to enable students to select, locate, and use basic and advanced business and economics sources in the College library and other libraries; formulate, define, and conduct a research strategy on a specific company, industry, or business topic; and write a report on a company based on an analysis of information gathered through interviews and print and electronic sources. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and above. Open to all majors, but highly recommended for students in the School of Business. 1 credit. (F-S,Y)

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