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Ithaca College Undergraduate Catalog 2005-2006

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Other Off-Campus Programs

Walkabout Down Under Program

The Ithaca College Walkabout Down Under program gives students the opportunity to experience several different regions of Australia in one semester. The semester is composed of four month-long block courses. The block format gives students the opportunity to focus on one course at a time, thus permitting them to reach a much deeper level of understanding of the course material. The courses are specially designed, intensive learning experiences, and course content is linked across the semester to provide an interdisciplinary, holistic educational experience. Each course is followed by a travel break, allowing students to relax and explore the "Land Down Under" before the next course begins. An organized field trip to the Outback is just one example of the opportunities that students have while on the Walkabout program.

For more information, please contact the Office of International Programs at 607-274-3306.

Study at Ithaca-Sponsored Sites


Seville -- The College has an affiliation with the Center for Cross-Cultural Study, a study-abroad program for students with intermediate or advanced Spanish skills. This program is very highly regarded and participants may expect their Spanish skills to improve.

Valencia -- Ithaca College has an agreement with the University of Valencia, allowing two students to be exchanged from each campus every year. Valencia is a beautiful, cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean coast of Spain. The university has nearly 60,000 students and a wide range of course offerings suitable for almost any major. This program is specifically intended for students with advanced Spanish language skills because all courses are taught in Spanish and participants will be in classes with native Spanish speakers.


Ithaca College has exchange agreements in Australia with Griffith University in Brisbane, La Trobe University in Melbourne, Murdoch University in Fremantle, and the University of Tasmania in Hobart. All four universities have a wide range of course offerings, and students from any major will find classes to suit their program of study.

Czech Republic

Ithaca College has an exchange agreement with Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Masaryk offers two programs in English that are appropriate for Ithaca students. The first program is central European studies and consists of 12 credits in courses related to history and culture. The second program is a TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) training program. Upon completion of one semester in this program, students will receive a certificate in ESL (English as a second language) instruction from the University of Cambridge (England).

Hong Kong

Ithaca College recently signed an exchange agreement with the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Hong Kong. This agreement is open to all students at Ithaca College. Courses will be selected from those offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences, and may be appropriate for students in a wide variety of majors.


Ithaca College and the University of Tsukuba have an exchange agreement. This program is open to all Ithaca College students, and is a yearlong experience ideal for students wishing to learn Japanese and deepen their knowledge of Japanese culture.


Ithaca College and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have a formal student exchange agreement. Students who will be juniors and seniors at the time of the exchange in Singapore are eligible to apply to this rigorous program. Program prerequisites include evidence of good judicial standing at Ithaca College, a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.20, cultural sensitivity, and the ability to adhere to behavioral norms and a personal code of conduct appropriate for Southeast Asian society.


Ithaca College and Jönköping University in Sweden have an exchange agreement. This program is open to students in the Roy H. Park School of Communications, the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, and the Gerontology Institute.

Other Initiatives

Ithaca College is pursuing a number of international connections throughout the world. Please contact the Office of International Programs for the latest information on new programs.

Short-Term Study Abroad Programs

Ithaca has developed a number of short (two to four weeks) summer or winter break study tours led by College faculty members, and more of these opportunities are continually being developed. The College makes every effort to keep the cost of these courses low so that as many students as possible have the opportunity to go abroad. Please contact the Office of International Programs for information on current short-term study-abroad opportunities.

Summer Science Research in Europe

Each summer, a number of biology students have the opportunity to participate in a research exchange program with the University of Godollo in Hungary. While Ithaca College students conduct research abroad, several biology majors from Hungary study on our campus. Biology students on the Ithaca campus must register for 303-30000. Participants are selected by their department, which administers the program.

National Affiliated Programs in Marine Biology

Affiliations with the Sea Education Association (SEA) and the Duke University Marine Laboratory (DUML) allow students to broaden their understanding of the ocean first hand. Both are one-semester programs (fall, spring, or summer). Certain courses will fulfill elective credit requirements for a biology degree or general education requirements in the School of Humanities and Sciences. For information and advisement, please see program coordinators in the biology department (Professor Susan Allen-Gil for SEA, Professor Nancy Jacobson for DUML). Students should apply through the Office of International Programs.

Washington Semester Program

The Washington Semester Program is an internship-centered program in the nation's capital designed to meet the academic and professional interests of students from a variety of majors. In addition to a 6-credit internship, students enroll in two semester-long courses and up to three 1-credit academic seminars. To fully complement the academic and internship experience, the program also provides cocurricular programming for students to experience the richness of Washington's cultural and political life. Further information about the program can be obtained from the Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies, 350 Job Hall; 607-274-3113.

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