The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) and the Diversity Peer Educators (DPE) are working together to provide faculty, students and organizations the necessary resources and workshops focusing on a wide range of topics around community engagement and cultural competency. These workshops will work to foster a culture of inclusion, equity, and empathy, and to prepare students to navigate interactions and relationships with our local community and off-campus partners.

Members of the IC Community can contact either the DPE or CCE to request one of the following workshops or email Norah at naljunaidi@ithaca.edu to suggest a topic that hasn’t been covered.

Diversity Peer Educator Workshops

  1. Truth Trivia- By taking this “quiz,” participants will be made aware of a number of statistics that highlight inequality in the United States. This activity is designed to address the structural inequity that exists in our social systems (media, education, government, employment, health care, etc.).
  2. Privilege for Sale- This small group activity asks participants to "Imagine you live in a world without any privileges." Then "Which would you choose to buy access to?" Each group is given a set amount of money, and a sheet of privileges. Each one is worth 100 dollars, and people have to pick which ones they would buy.
  3. She’s a D_ke Anyway: Dissecting Lesbianism as an Insult- This workshop will begin to look at media, common phrases, and experiences to analyze how popular culture in the U.S subtly perpetuates sexism and homophobia regarding using lesbian and d*ke as slurs. This workshop will attempt to create awareness about the harmful nature of language against women and the larger implications of stereotyping and representation.
  4. Microaggressions- This workshop will will define and explain microaggressions through multiple examples and personal connections, as well as compare and relate to stereotypes.
  5. Dear White People- This workshop will introduce to “Dear White People”, a Netflix show adapted from the original film, which addresses racism on an Ivy League college campus. Through the viewing of portions of the first episode of Dear White People as well as a video from the Ithacan, students will be able to examine connections between personal identity, the experiences of the black students at Winchester University and how this can connect to the institution of Ithaca College. As a wrap up, we will discuss why Dear White People was made and what it means to be called out and why that is important.
  6. Bow Down Bitches: Beyonce and Inclusive Feminism- The objective for this workshop is to introduce people to the idea of hip hop feminism and use Beyonce’s video for Flawless** to demonstrate a hip hop feminist perspective.