The Patient Care Advocate Team is a program for student volunteers that is offered in conjunction with Cayuga Medical Center, Cayuga Emergency Physicians, Cornell University Public Service Center, and the Ithaca College Center for Civic Engagement. The program is a unique and integrative opportunity that offers college students a volunteering experience with structured learning and leadership development opportunities. The PCAT program teaches volunteers the importance of patient comfort and advocacy, as well as allows participants to provide support to the medical staff to ensure these measures for all patients.

Participants in the program volunteer with Cayuga Medical Center in either the Emergency Department or Inpatient Unit. Through the program, students are able to gain real-life work experience in a hospital setting by taking the role of the hospital's customer service representative and visiting patients on a regular basis. Students will have opportunities to reflect on their experiences, develop leadership skills and philosophies, and challenge their understanding of the complex issues surrounding the health industry and health care policy.

To learn more about student involvement in the PCAT Program, take some time to watch their final digital stories.

Final Reflections: Digital Stories Spring '16
Venique Clarke
Reid Garner
Adam Ginsburg
Kristen Keene
Annie Wainwright