Ithaca College is dedicated to creating a campus-wide community of Mental Wellness that meets the needs of every student, And we need your help to create this!

About the JED Foundation

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Ithaca College is proud to be a JED CAMPUS!  We are in the process of creating a new approach to Mental Health and Wellness at IC.  

The JED Project is a national nonprofit organization that holds the goals of supporting and protecting the emotional health of our country’s 40 million high school and college students and to reduce the risks of substance abuse and suicide. JED collaborates with schools to create and enhance mental health and suicide prevention programming and systems; develop expert resources and create powerful partnerships so that students have the support they need, when and how they need it; and educate and empower young adults, families and the community to take action. Ithaca College is currently working with JED to assess the needs of our students and our community so that we can create an environment that supports the Academic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Physical, and Spiritual needs of all.

The Healthy Minds Study

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From March 2-March 23, 2021, Ithaca College, with the support of JED Campus, conducted The Healthy Minds Study!  The survey asks students to honestly convey their experiences of mental wellness support at IC, to identify aspirations and areas for community change, and to discuss how the College experience is impacting them emotionally.  To see the results from this study you can access this webinar recording or you can request access to the data report by emailing

JED Campus Coalition Subgroups

In order to implement recommendations that were provided by JED Campus the JED Campus Coalition has formed subcommittees including; 

    • Communications subcommittee
    • Training Implementation & Coordination subcommittee
    • Mental Health Awareness Events subcommittee
    • Student Connections subcommittee
    • Click here For More information

If you are interested in getting involved with one of these subcommittees to help implement recommendations, please fill out this brief form.  

Ithaca College JED Campus Timeline

Fall 2020: Initiated the program and formed the JED Campus Task Force.

Spring 2021: Administered the Healthy Minds Survey and JED Campus performed a campus visit which collected IC data and information. This information collecting allowed us to identify needs and priorities, benchmark against peer institutions, evaluate programs and policies, plan for services and programs, and advocate for resources.  This survey will provide our campus with a detailed picture of mental health and related issues in the IC student population. Your voice matters!  We will conduct this Survey again in 2024 to determine if changes we have made, prompted by your feedback, have been truly achieved. Thank you for participating in this process! 

Fall 2021: Formed subcommittees and divided recommendations amongst the groups. Initiated implementation of recommendations including: 

Spring 2022: Continuing work in subcommittees to implement recommendations.

Spring 2023:

                   Suicide Prevention Training with Faculty, Staff, Students: How to Help a Student and How to Help a Friend

                  Neon Nights Dance Party Fundraiser

Spring 2024: Ithaca College will host the Healthy Minds Survey again to determine if changes we have made, prompted by your feedback, have been truly achieved. Thank you for participating in this process!