I joined the staff of CAPS in 2015. I obtained my MA and PhD in Counseling Psychology from McGill University. I have been trained in a variety of settings including, high schools, hospitals, and universities. 

My approach to therapy is based on the belief that each person has unique life experiences and background that makes them who they are. I value learning about each individual client, working with them to identify their needs, collaborating to identify their personal strengths, and supporting them in making positive changes.

My therapeutic style is emotion-focused and experiential, as I believe that working with emotions as they arise moment-to-moment is where the most healing potential lies. I also integrate cognitive behavioral and mindfulness strategies, always striving to maintain an appreciation of racial, cultural, and other identity influences.

Although I am a generalist, I have a special interest in the topics of trauma, relationships, gender, sexuality, and anxiety. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with my loved ones, and playing with my goldendoodle.