As part of our incorporation into Hammond Health Center’s electronic records system, CAPS has strongly advocated for full migration of chosen names and pronouns as a necessary part of all client records. The company providing the system has not been able to guarantee this element of information transfer, (though all other information has been successfully and securely transferred from CAPS’ previous records system). This is an inexcusable gap in the design of the new system, and we hope our ongoing feedback will motivate the provider to address it in the near future. At this time, however, we will need to correct each client record individually. We are sincerely sorry to ask our clients to revisit the process of clarifying who you are. We also want to affirm that who you are is of vital importance to us!

If your chosen name is your legal name, you do not have to make any changes to your name in the system.  Your legal name was automatically transferred.

Please contact Brandi or Brittany at CAPS Front Desk to make sure your file correctly reflects your identity, or follow Luca's handy guides to change your name and/or gender marker online.